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Wedding Wednesday: compromise

A good thing that wedding planning can teach you as a lesson for marriage is compromise. Oh how I hate it but its a good time to use this muscle. I really wanted a first look series of pictures. I mean, I REALLY wanted it. Everyone, include dear JPS were adamant they didn’t think it was a good idea. They said it would take away from the big entrance, oh I would definitely come t regret it…. so I said okay and went without a first look picture.

My incredible photographers had a great idea of using the staircase in my in-laws house to create a secret first look. It was actually really fun to do and we sent down a little paper airplane that said I can’t wait to kiss you …. glad he was the one to catch it 😉
LindJordWeb-165   LindJordWeb-168  LindJordWeb-170 LindJordWeb-176

But it really did all work out fine. I don’t think it would have taken away from the moment of the doors opening at the church but I like that ours is a little different. Perhaps you have to compromise on budget, flowers, or a dj but don’t let it overcome you. It’s just a day and theres a million other ways to make it yours!