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we’re going to nantucket!

We booked our hotel and are read to head to Nantucket to celebrate our five year wedding anniversary–how can that be?!

4334fa3a8616892fcfeec4e576fcd42a.jpg                                                             image source: one kings lane

Meanwhile scoping out everyone of the NYTimes 36 hours, Mackenzie, Julia and Carly’s recommendations.

Have you been to Nantucket? Any must see/do/eats?




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Kennebunkport, Maine

kennebunkport flower box

We had the best weekend exploring Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Kennebunkport Maine!  As we were driving into town we were already plotting our way to come back. The town is SO charming and the shops people are kind and the other tourists are polite and clean! HAve you ever been where they are not? It’s truly a thing to note! I did some research on things to do before we went (see how I do it here) and it couldn’t have been a better day.
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Creating your travel itinerary from your phone!

Since I started my full-time career in summer ’11 I’ve been able to travel to sooo many places. Places I had never been too and really didn’t know anything about; often traveling alone for work. These are my tried and true steps on finding out the must-see’s at literally no cost, all from your itinerary

  1. Google day trips to x.
    Usually you don’t have a lot of time on a work trip to explore, but even if you do, I think its smart to look for what people recommend if you only have a day or 36 hours. They always tell you the high points so you can base your schedule around some of these stops. I follow this blogger on instagram but was so excited to see her post on Kennebunkport!
  2. Yelp restaurants for lunch, restaurants for dinner.
    I can’t tell you how many times I pick a place and find out they don’t open until 5p and I was needing to sneak in a bite between afternoon meetings. Also, so many places are known for their lunch or dinner its fun to pick places based on WHEN you’ll be stopping by, not just an overall rating.
  3. Ask a local!
    I’ll never forget when I travelled to Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan we asked someone where they recommended and they really stumbled and said The Italian Oven which my co-worker and I were like umm okay..thinking it was olive garden-esque. We were exhausted and decided to go. It was so packed and was actually really amazing. Even though it might not be fancy the locals know where to go, whether for food or another adventure.
  4. Search the city/town on instagram.
    See what other people are seeing. It’s so easy to search by location or hashtag and learn more about where you are going and figure out what you want to see.IMG_9407
  5. Search/ask bloggers who have been there or live nearby.
    I just reached out to Lemon Stripes because she was just in Kennebunkport and I’m dying for her to post her spots. I love following her on snapchat and I can’t wait to see her picks (and pics!) in town.
  6. Create a list.
    It might be silly but you need everything in one spot to help you when you arrive. a quick glance at your list is a million times better than having to rack your brain and scroll through your browser history to see the name of the best coffee shop! 😉

I’m having so much fun building my Portsmouth, New Hampshire + Kennebunkport lists, send me any reccs if you have them!

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New Orleans

I am lucky enough to been able travel frequently for work but its usually to the same general places. I recently attended a conference in New Orleans, my first time there, and my first time to really explore a city alone. I know understand why people travel alone…because its awesome.

Jackson Square, New Orleans

Here are some of my recommendations from my brief stay.

Hotel: I stayed at the Courtyard Marriott and it was so convenient. I definitely recommend staying there, its just a few blocks away from the French Quarter, quiet and clean! The only weird thing is that my room had no windows to the outdoors, only out into the interior of the hotel.

Food: I found Chartres House on Yelp a couple of weeks before I arrived. It’s located right off Jackson Square on Chartres. You can see more about Chartres House here. My table looked right out onto the street, hence the scary van in the picture. The food was amazing and I only wish I had more people with me to split and try more things. I think that’s the worst thing about traveling alone!

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flight hacks

We all have our own way of doing things but these are some of my favorite tips to feel first class in cargo and be prepared to tackle casual travel issues.

flight hacks

If you aren’t wearing socks, bring them for the flight. Flights are chilly and there is air conditioner vents at your feet and, unlike the vents overhead, you can’t control those boogers. I like the soft ones from Lands End.

Pashmina scarves double as a great blanket. They’re big, soft and can protect you from actually touching your neighbor. Literally every airport in the US sells about 15 colors for $10!

Stay hydrated. Ask for water to stay hydrated, you dont want to look dry or dehydrated when you land. Also I recommend using Mario Badescu Rose water, take a little spritz in the restroom after your flight and get on with your day. It spruces your make-up and makes you feel and look refreshed.

Print your travel documents. Its inevitable that if you only rely on your phone or email for your travel documentation one or both with crash and die. I carry mine in a plastic page protector (yes, those from middle school) because unlike a folder they can slink and form into any part of my bag that I squish it in.

Bring headphones. Its likely that your flight will have streaming radio or tv (all JetBlue flights do) and other carriers are following suit on shorter domestic flights. If you don’t want to talk to your neighbor pop them in and act like you are in college ignoring someone in the dining hall. No eye-contact or they’ll start talking to you.

What are your favorite flight hacks?

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If you look like a peasant while travelling, you’ll be treated like one.

If you look like a peasant while travelling, you’ll be treated like one, simple as that. I do a ton of traveling for work and I’ve discovered there are a lot of perks for taking a few minutes to pull yourself together for a flight that I think a lot of people miss out on because they just are too lazy to spruce themselves up. As many gear up for holiday travel here are some tips!

peasant while travelling

Bag – Don’t have it bustling over with items where you bump every person down the aisle. People will grunt at you and you’ll lots of “ugh” “watch out” and a collection of other words that are not appropriate for As Gold as it Gets!

Clothes – Here’s a great tip, if you take a few minutes to look put together you sometimes get to be chosen for the TSA-pre line because it looks like you know what you’re doing. Sometimes you’ll even be selected for first-class, woop woop.

Neck pillow – This was probably the best $15 I’ve spent to date. It lives in the trunk of my car so I can pull it out when I arrive at the airport and never have to say “dang it” and purchase another one. It’s a great item, I know, but that doesn’t mean you can WEAR it in the airport. Ya look like a fool.

Make-up – You don’t need a full face to not look like a peasant, simply throw on some foundation, a swipe of bronzer and curl those lashes. You’ll look fresh-faced even if its 5am.

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golden eats: richmond, va


Boy do I have a good recommendation for anyone visiting Richmond, Virginia. Right in the center of the historic river district lies a gem, Juleps: New Southern Cuisine. Of course I had to try their mint julep and fried green tomatoes [one of my favorite foods].


Their fried green tomatoes were really unique in that they came on top of pimento cheese. I don’t know why thats not standard, because its amazing. Definitely worth a stop in. Their mint julep on the other hand was so strong it was hardly enjoyable.


Oh and who could deny the beauty of this train station?

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Feel first class, while flying in cargo

Here I am getting back into the blogging game. I wanted to start a new series on traveling because while some of us have the opportunity to do it frequently, its very evident that some that do not and traveling, especially air travel, is very overwhelming.

In an effort to reduce amateur-hour at the airport here is the first of many tips I have!


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