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have you taken spin?

I’m starting a new series with my bestie Chelsea. We are going to share about our love for spin and we come for totally different experience but hope to share light on why we both are loving spin. We don’t claim to be health or exercise gurus – we just know what we like.

We both have become obsessed with it. We both started at cycling studios which we highly recommend if you are just starting out for a few reasons: a studio is way more in tune with helping you learn how to set up your bike, learning about metrics and a super supportive smaller environment.spinning

I hate gyms but my studio made me feel confident to come back time after time and really got to know me and encourage me. Unfortunately, my sweet little studio closed and I had to move to a local gym. The instructors are totally different at a cycling studio than at the gym. While I have several instructors that I like at my gym now, there is one in particular who comes to class with a full face of makeup and makes lots of weird/inappropriate comments and her class is full of men, coincidence? I think not. And another who gets moody when the class doesn’t fill up which makes you think she’s not focused on the people there, only the people not there.

I’ll be sharing more about our experiences and tips on #fitnessfriday! I’d love to hear if you are cycling faithful or have been thinking about trying it out.