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battling dry winter skin

I have to admit I’ve already ventured out bare-legged once this year, it was so warm in Princeton last week but now back to the chill. This year I’ve had the worst flaky dry skin. I never have to use lotion on my face but this year has been different, tons of flaky dry skin and chapped lips.

I’ve been pretty diligent in trying to get my skin back to its regular luminosity and I think I cracked the code…or my code at least. For reference my skin is pretty even. I have roscea and seborrhea, an oily nose but otherwise pretty normal skin.

battling winter skin

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review : neutrogena hydro boost water gel

I’ve been testing Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost water gel for several weeks now and excited to share about it! I’ve shared a favorite moisturizer here before and this is a totally different type of moisturizer. First of all the texture is not what you think of a moisturizer (at least not what I do). I’m use to lotion-type moisturizers and this is a pure liquid. When I first opened the jar it literally spilled everywhere. It has no resistance and its the consistency of laundry detergent and honestly smells like it too – fresh and clean.

neutrogena hydro boost water gel |as GOLD as it gets blog

When you use this it soaks into your face pretty quickly and makes your skin feel supple. Thats the best way I can describe it because its not the creamy moisturized feeling but your skin definitely feels better, full and smooth. I’ve noticed that my skin really does look better while using this and continuously improves the more that I use it. When you put it on it feels really cold like an aloe very but its very calming for my skin and leaves no residue or greasy feeling like some liquids or serums can.

neutrogena hydro boost water gel |as GOLD as it gets blog

What makes this different? Hyaluronic acid. It’s naturally present in the body in fluid in your joints and eyes. As a moisturizer it is said to be fountain of youth-y, as it gives volume and fullness to our skin. Its the same ingredient that many women get injected to help eliminate wrinkles – restylane.

neutrogena hydro boost water gel |as GOLD as it gets blog

It goes an incredibly long way. I’ve only just scratched a dent in the jar in the month I’ve been using it and for $18.99 I think that’s a pretty great deal!

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. Are you interested to hear what other Influenster’s had to say about it? Look up #BehindTheGlow on twitter and facebook to hear other reviews.