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making career moves


making career movesHow do you know when to leave your job? It’s one of the most difficult decisions and can really weigh on you. I have a lot of friends that are changing jobs/thinking about changing jobs/looking for jobs and there are so many things to consider. I changed jobs just over 7 months ago and I couldn’t be happier with my decision – but that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss things (read: people) about past jobs.

Some things to consider:

Is your job fulfilling in the way it once was? We grow out of clothes, friendships, and… jobs. It’s okay to admit your job isn’t what it once was (or what you were told it would be).

Are you waiting for a promotion that’s not going to happen? Money and titles are a big deal. It’s okay to have dreams bigger than your current salary and leave to pursue them.

Do you no longer see eye to eye with your boss, co-workers or your company’s vision? These things can change -and when they do – they can drastically change your work life. You can avoid a co-worker or two, but a good boss is indispensable. We choose our friends and partners carefully and we should choose to work who bosses are accomplished, good managers and willing to work for a common goal. Bosses are absolutely a make it or break it sort of deal!

Making the move:

Assess what you really enjoy about your job and determine your non-negotiables.  Do you like working independently? Do you enjoy big products v. small daily tasks? Do you prefer an open work environment? These are all things that can help you land your dream job. By simply identifying these attributes about yourself, you can find jobs that are in alignment with your work style. You’ll be much happier even if it’s not your ultimate dream job.

Be confident in your decision. You are the only one that can make this decision for yourself so be honest with yourself in the search process. I was really nervous to tell my last boss I was leaving, but I was confident this opportunity was too good to pass up – when I told her she was genuinely happy for me and even gave me a high-five! Know that changing jobs doesn’t have to burn bridges, bosses know they won’t have you forever, this is the natural cycle for business.

Give your new job a chance. Changing jobs is HARD. Having to learn a new office culture, what feels like a thousand new people/names/what they do, and everything there is to know about your position… it’s a job in itself. It can take a few months to settle in and feel like your job is your new home, and that’s totally normal!

Have you recently made a career move? Was it what you thought it would be? I’d love to hear!