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high-end jewelry dupes…from walmart

I have an obsession with costume jewelry (and the chunkier the better). I’m always asked by friends (and random people) where I get things so I thought I’d share a little of my recent great finds…from Wal-Mart.
Yeeees, who would imagine but they have some REALLY great stuff at incredible prices right now. Scroll down to see some and find out the prices AND high-end pieces that look very close.
walmart jewelry highend dupes.jpg

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gold bow earrings – kate spade inspired

It’s obvious that I love GOLD, but I was so excited to see these from T+J Designs a few weeks ago on their instagram account. They were on sale for $6! I obviously had to get them and I love them. They look super similar to Kate Spade bows and are the perfect size. I love them!

They are still on sale, but are $10. Get your pair here.

t+dj gold bow earrings