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tips on packing up your seasonsal wardrobe

I had the chance to do a big purge before we moved. You know, tossing the things that I didn’t wear, or needed to stop wearing in the trash, donations bins and taking only what I wanted…but that was still a lot. Without a basement my closets were always packed to the brim with things I didn’t need right then and crowded my current season clothes. Living in Boston and Philadelphia I’ve done the small city apartments where you rent a storage unit, recruit friends to help carry things, rent a zipcar, try to find parking near your apartment and avoid meter maids…its the PITS.

If this is you check out, MakeSpace a great service to help you store your out of season stuff! There comes a point where you just can’t store out of season clothes at your parents house. MakeSpace actually comes to get your stuff and HAUL it away, HELLO closet space!
MakeSpace, your closet in the cloud

Tips on packing up your seasonal clothes (with or without MakeSpace):
1) Pack neatly because you’ll want to avoid the box in the future if you don’t!
2) Jot down on a piece of paper and tape on the outside or on the inside flap what’s in the box. Nothing worse than looking for those yellow shorts in a sea of bright summer clothes.
3) Think about what looks worn. Go ahead and toss it and look for sales at the end of season. It might be counter intuitive when you are packing but if your down jacket looks like its seen to many snow storms its a great chance to upgrade as stores try to move the seasonal clothes out.

MakeSpace, your closet in the cloud

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designing a capsule wardrobe

Is part of adulting realizing that you can’t live in just fast fashion? I’ve been drifting from H&M, Forever 21 and the like for awhile (but I won’t stop shopping at Target!) because it’s just not worth it. The clothes don’t last, the trends don’t last and it’s never an investment.

capsule wardrobeFriends of mine have been talking about creating a capsule wardrobe because it’s ironically trendy right now. If you are new to the term its basically everything is interchangeable, versatile and long-lasting. These (few) pieces are timeless and you find yourself reaching for them time and time again. Not only is it supposed to make mornings and packing for trips easier it saves  in the long run because you have all that you need. Continue reading