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tips on packing up your seasonsal wardrobe

I had the chance to do a big purge before we moved. You know, tossing the things that I didn’t wear, or needed to stop wearing in the trash, donations bins and taking only what I wanted…but that was still a lot. Without a basement my closets were always packed to the brim with things I didn’t need right then and crowded my current season clothes. Living in Boston and Philadelphia I’ve done the small city apartments where you rent a storage unit, recruit friends to help carry things, rent a zipcar, try to find parking near your apartment and avoid meter maids…its the PITS.

If this is you check out, MakeSpace a great service to help you store your out of season stuff! There comes a point where you just can’t store out of season clothes at your parents house. MakeSpace actually comes to get your stuff and HAUL it away, HELLO closet space!
MakeSpace, your closet in the cloud

Tips on packing up your seasonal clothes (with or without MakeSpace):
1) Pack neatly because you’ll want to avoid the box in the future if you don’t!
2) Jot down on a piece of paper and tape on the outside or on the inside flap what’s in the box. Nothing worse than looking for those yellow shorts in a sea of bright summer clothes.
3) Think about what looks worn. Go ahead and toss it and look for sales at the end of season. It might be counter intuitive when you are packing but if your down jacket looks like its seen to many snow storms its a great chance to upgrade as stores try to move the seasonal clothes out.

MakeSpace, your closet in the cloud

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designing a capsule wardrobe

Is part of adulting realizing that you can’t live in just fast fashion? I’ve been drifting from H&M, Forever 21 and the like for awhile (but I won’t stop shopping at Target!) because it’s just not worth it. The clothes don’t last, the trends don’t last and it’s never an investment.

capsule wardrobeFriends of mine have been talking about creating a capsule wardrobe because it’s ironically trendy right now. If you are new to the term its basically everything is interchangeable, versatile and long-lasting. These (few) pieces are timeless and you find yourself reaching for them time and time again. Not only is it supposed to make mornings and packing for trips easier it saves  in the long run because you have all that you need. Continue reading


stayin’ organized – my choice for a planner

I really love being organized. I am not one for surprises and I don’t like leaving things up to chance. I’ve realized over the years that I really prefer a handwritten planner. I like phycailly crossing things off and I like not having to rely on a battery or wi-fi to access an online or electronic calendar…and don’t even get me started on the paranoia I have about LOSING it there is a computer or human error. I use an outlook calendar for work but I’m continuously copying things over just in case I were to loose something. 
may designs planner This May Designs planner is the best. First of all her products are all great, durable and totally customizable. She’s a mom-CEO and puts so much of herself into her business its amazing to watch (see her on instagram in action @micamay) and I just really want to support her business. I’ve carried about every planner from Target, Lilly Pulitzer and electronic calendars and I have to say hers are the best. There is ample room to write (unless you need things hour by hour), they are lightweight and the covers are so sturdy and don’t fray or bend. My 2014-2015 one is well worn but not sloppy-looking. This is my 2015-2016 version and I honestly couldn’t be more excited to start using it. If you are searching for a way to spruce your organization, I’d recommend ordering one this summer!

May Designs also just released coloring books for adults, photo books and have other stationary and notebooks if you aren’t looking for a day planner.

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We’ve Moved!


On perhaps the hottest day of the year, we moved…. I don’t think we could have tried to pick a hotter day if we tried!

I’ll save you all the sweaty details, but we are so excited to move from our small 2 bedroom/1 bath into a 3 bedroom/2.5 bath townhouse! I’ve been feverishly unpacking and trying to get things organized before JPS comes home on Friday.

In all of my pre-prep work I came up with a few good moving strategies:

1. Plan early  and decide on what you aren’t using and pack those things first. You won’t even miss them being packed. I started with linen closets and ended with the kitchen.

2. Visualize your new house and where you want things to be. If you have a vase in your kitchen and want to put it in your bedroom- pack it in the bedroom box to make it easier for yourself. Save the extra thought later on. You’ll be tired.

3. Don’t pack hanging clothes. Simply just the time it would take you to unhang/fold/rehang isn’t worth it. I used (several) large garbage bags puncturing a hole in the bottom of them and slid the hanger hooks through it. Hang in your new closet and then tear the bag off- its like a fairy organized your closet.

4. If you are moving into a multi-level house, plan your boxes accordingly. I put a piece of purple duck tape around the corner of any box that needed to go upstairs. This saved me a ton of work later on having boxes where they already needed to be.

5. Purge as much as you can before you move. Don’t move junk- ’nuff said.

I take myself as an expert in moving…making this my ELEVENTH move since I graduated high school.

image: Rifle Paper Company