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bite lipsticks

This is my first exposure to BITE beauty and I have to say these Amuse Bouche lipsticks are great. They are the creamiest buttery formula and high impact color. They only make lipsticks and make them with food grade products and in small low heat batches to preserve those nutrients! bite lippies

First of all the packaging means a lot to me (hello, my day job is Director of Marketing). The tubes are a charcoal color that feels like suede. The cap even mimics the shape of the lipstick.bite lipstick packaging

These colors are bold but there are plenty of other choices that are a bit less intense if that’s more your style. I want to try a few of the lighter shades for every day.
If you have been following Kylie Jenner you know that browns are coming back like we are back in the 90’s but I have to say Pepper is a super wearable brown that mimics some of the Kylie brown shades and probably the easiest of the three to wear.bite lipstickLook at that color!bite swatches

Each lipstick is $26 and can be bought at retailers like Sephora. I’m thinking I might have to purchase Sugarcane next.

I received these products as a complimentary gift from BITE

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YSL touche eclat blur perfector review

I was sent the “it” products of the summer. This stuff is selling out everywhere and I was lucky to have it sent to me from Influenster (I received it complimentary for testing purposes). I’ve been using the primer and blur perfector for a couple of weeks so let me explain a little bit about them!
YSL touche eclate blur perfectors review

First of all the packaging is beautiful and right in step with the rest of YSL products. My mom has their concealer pen which is absolutely amazing so I had high hopes for these products.

The blur primer is pretty great. You just need a little dabble or it could make you feel greasy. I love these gold shimmery flakes in the bottle. It’s oil based and really does smooth your skin, but again, only use a little bit. I think that it did make my skin look more luminous but it definitely couldn’t counteract the redness from rosacea so just keep that in mind if you also struggle with strong discoloration like I do. It also has a really nice lightly floral scent. Overall I think that it did help my makeup stay in place and go on smooth. YSL touche eclate blur perfectors reviewThe other product is the Touche Eclat Blur Perfector. It’s a balm that supposedly turns into a powder to blur your imperfections. Well I have to say that I was serioulsy disappointed when I placed it on with the puff they give you and it literally WIPED my makeup off. No matter how gentle your touch it would wipe everything off.

I tried it with a large powder brush and had way better luck just patting around, almost as a highlighter. I’ve been doing this for several days and really prefer this method. It gives a little luminosity without wiping off your foundation.
YSL touche eclate blur perfectors reviewHave you tried this products yet? I’m interested to hear what you think about them. To see what others think follow along with  #YSLToucheEclat on facebook, twitter and instagram!

Thanks to influenster for sending these products for testing.


benefit total moisture review

I’m here to review Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream, a product I’ve been using for about a month. I got it a sample size and definitely would splurge on a full size – it’s just that good.benefit total moisture facial cream review | as GOLD as it gets

I have a skin condition called seborrhea. It’s really common but occurs more often in men than in women and when you have a flare it makes your skin super flakey and seem like its overly dry when its really not.  You also get it all over your head, it’s the same thing as when infants get “cradle cap”, its just how your body reacts to a certain yeast. But that doesn’t matter for this review…

I’m sure there are thousands of other women out there dealing with the same problem but no one talks about it. I hate the smells of the sulfur and creams that the dermatologist prescribes me so I’ve been on the hunt for something better and I’m really loving Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream. It’s obviously not as strong as medicated creams but it smells gorgeous with a perfumey smell – think floral but kind fresh and soapy. It definitely smells more high end than drugstore.

benefit total moisture facial cream review | as GOLD as it gets

This works so nicely on me. I put it on before my primer and it really quenches all my dry patches. Seborrhea is largely flakey around your forehead, hairline and eyebrows. I can also tap it on during the day if I’m noticing I’m a little flakey – it doesn’t mess with my makeup.

If I have a big flare, especially in winter, I will need to use medicated creams to try to reduce it. But this is a great alternative for the meantime. I could also see this being hugely helpful to women with dry skin. It is super creamy and non-greasy. If you have normal to oily skin I would definitely use sparingly as it could make you more oily – it just has that much moisture!

Have you tried this? Do you have a favorite moisturizer?