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stayin’ organized – my choice for a planner

I really love being organized. I am not one for surprises and I don’t like leaving things up to chance. I’ve realized over the years that I really prefer a handwritten planner. I like phycailly crossing things off and I like not having to rely on a battery or wi-fi to access an online or electronic calendar…and don’t even get me started on the paranoia I have about LOSING it there is a computer or human error. I use an outlook calendar for work but I’m continuously copying things over just in case I were to loose something. 
may designs planner This May Designs planner is the best. First of all her products are all great, durable and totally customizable. She’s a mom-CEO and puts so much of herself into her business its amazing to watch (see her on instagram in action @micamay) and I just really want to support her business. I’ve carried about every planner from Target, Lilly Pulitzer and electronic calendars and I have to say hers are the best. There is ample room to write (unless you need things hour by hour), they are lightweight and the covers are so sturdy and don’t fray or bend. My 2014-2015 one is well worn but not sloppy-looking. This is my 2015-2016 version and I honestly couldn’t be more excited to start using it. If you are searching for a way to spruce your organization, I’d recommend ordering one this summer!

May Designs also just released coloring books for adults, photo books and have other stationary and notebooks if you aren’t looking for a day planner.