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14 Carat v. Gold Plated: Olive Structured Jacket

I’m happy to introduce a new feature (and my first!) that I’ll be doing on As Gold As It Gets: 14 Carat v. Gold Plated where I find the luxe look (14 Carat) for less (Gold Plated).

First up is the olive structured jacket. I’ve been coveting this one from J. Crew all season, but was thrilled to see that H&M has a much more affordable option that is very similarly structured. The color is much more similar than it appears on their website-I’ve checked it out in person.
I may have to pick this up, it seems like quite the steal and so comparable to the 14 Carat option!
Which do you prefer in this case: 14 Carat or Gold Plated?
Untitled #6
Untitled #7

H M h m
$46 –

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[ALMOST] Spring in Philly

Spring has not quite hit here, but I’m excited to say, spring should be here! Perhaps spring just forgot we were waiting for her? I’m going to ignore the weather reports of snow tonight and tomorrow, and I’m going to start dressing for spring in anticipation of the warmth. I’m sure the hundreds standing out in the frigid cold for free Rita’s today will be praying for her to come quick.