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how to make your own bathroom valances

diy valances.jpg

I’m excited to share a DIY project I worked on over Christmas and New Years…it did take that long. Not because it was complicated but it was involved. I had been looking for new valances since we moved in last December (before pics below) and never found any that I liked. So I decided to take a sewing class (if you are in New Jersey I highly recommend taking them here), find fabric that I loved and make my own.
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Coming back from my hiatus!

Coming back from my hiatus! Its been a crazy few months…but then again its been a pretty crazy year.

I got a promotion at work and had a monumental birthday


JPS is now a doctor


and most exciting…. we are moving into a (much bigger) townhouse!

In honor of the big move, I’ve been plotting all of my decorating ideas for the new house. Moving from a two bedroom/1 bathroom to three bedroom/three baths gives me a lot more space to make my own. I’m excited to post before and after pictures soon!

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Recipe: Lemon Thyme and Blackberry Glaze Donuts!

Who knew there was such a thing as lemon thyme? The original recipe I found from here on Heather Cristo’s blog, but I couldn’t find any lemon balm- even at whole foods so I opted to replace it with lemon thyme- close enough right? I bought some lemon just in case I felt like I needed to up the anty of the lemon flavor…thats what I was after, after all.¬†Once I started cutting the thyme it was definitely lemon fragrant, so I didn’t feel like I needed to put anymore in. I basically otherwise followed the recipe, instead baking at 350 for 15 min as my oven needed that extra heat and time. I also didn’t have any cream, so I used a little half and half in the glaze instead- it was fine.

I was excited to use my new donut pan that I bought at Crate and Barrel yesterday and having these pinned for forever, I knew they would be the first thing I made. I am eagerly waiting JPS’ return to see if he likes them as well! They seem to be a hit on instagram so far!