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how to make your own bathroom valances

diy valances.jpg

I’m excited to share a DIY project I worked on over Christmas and New Years…it did take that long. Not because it was complicated but it was involved. I had been looking for new valances since we moved in last December (before pics below) and never found any that I liked. So I decided to take a sewing class (if you are in New Jersey I highly recommend taking them here), find fabric that I loved and make my own.
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house project: guest room

One of our first major projects was tackling our fourth bedroom…the guest room. It was a horrid color of yellow and needed some serious TLC and I needed to make our smallest bedroom look bright to appear as large as possible. See before and after below!guest room before and afterIMG_8179paint: pale oak by benjamin moore, bedding: hey y’all pillow, custom pillows, bedspread, art: home good clearance findIMG_8182a few TJ Maxx findsIMG_8190I love how much Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak brightened the room!IMG_8186

I think its a huge improvement from the yellow and we are so excited to have our first guest come this week!


we’re buying a house!

We are most of the way through buying our first house…we were in the process to buy another house earlier in the year and it fell through so fingers crossed things go much smoother this time. I’ve been pinning a ton (follow me here). I’m really looking forward to decorating my new house!

I’ve been pinning a ton of navy, grey and bright whites.

new house inspiration

Can’t wait to take this from pinterest to house projects!


bedside table styling (avoiding the clutter)

Let’s just say my bedside table hardly/rarely/never is free of clutter it just somehow always accumulates things! In an effort to keep my two cats (Martha Washington + Betsy Ross) from knocking things off to get to the coveted window I’m trying to stay a bit more organized.

bedside table styling | as GOLD as it gets blog

In my dream world I’d always have this Lemon Mint Leaf candle from Bath & Body Works burning (or their eucalyptus mint), my jewelry would stay organized and my nail polish would stay contained…none of which usually happens.

I am utterly obsessed with my new pineapple ring holder from Charming Charlie! It helps keep clutter at least moderately organized where I can easy grab something or fling it right off as I’m settling down for the night.

Anyone else have a horrible time keeping their bedside table organized or am I alone?

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Where I found it – living room style

I always get asked where I find things in our house so I thought I would give a little peek. You definitely don’t have to spend a lot…though you will.

living room

Starting out we both had futons for couches, so we’ve come along way! Don’t be afraid to take your time and peruse. Use online sites like to find what you are looking for and take your time. It’s okay to slowly build your pieces, you don’t want to deplete your savings trying to decorate in one big swoop. Rome wasn’t built in a day people!

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Since we decided to stay in JPS’ bachelor pad when we got married, I’ve made it my mission to add a little femininity into the mix. (Its fine, its his mission to be accommodating). He’s painted, hung things up and been all around great about me adding my own decorating flair to the apartment.

I’ve been trying to figure out what to put on a wall of our bedroom. I made a starburst mirror in the fall, from a tutorial on pinterest, but it wasn’t enough. Its been looking like this:


So I had two black and white photos printed from our first dance at our wedding. I think they are great because they capture both of us and the day! We finally picked up some frames from Target today (their new threshold line to be exact). And JPS hung them for us. I think they really make a big difference as the wall was just too empty before. I’m glad I was able to find a way to fill the wall and show off these beautiful pictures!



I didnt get to cooking like I planned, but at least I did something productive!