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Newlywed Adventures: Grilling


This past weekend we had a full weekend that included breaking out the grill. Now in our house that’s a scary thought…because no one is good at it. Last summer we got a grill as a wedding present and were really excited about it because it sounded fun.

It was not fun, it was hard. JPS has zero experience grilling, so three hours in our food tasted like lighter fluid, which was not exactly the condiment I preferred on my hot dog. And then I had a grumpy husband.

I’m happy to report that this year, JPS is the grillmaster and our food was awesome! I think grilling requires a certain patience that he didn’t expect. But he’s figured it out and it was delicious! I’ve been pinning some delicious things to make on the grill and am excited to be able to actually use it this summer!

Do you have any great grilling secrets?

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Storage Solutions

Earlier this winter I was looking for a way to not throw all of our pillows on the floor each night, inspired from this picture on Better Homes & Gardens I started hunting for baskets. Living in a rather small apartment, I’m always looking for ways to provide extra storage so I didn’t want it just for the look, I wanted it for practicality.

After a little hunting I found a great basket at Home Goods- and for under $30!

Have you found any useful storage solutions that also looks good in your home?