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If you look like a peasant while travelling, you’ll be treated like one.

If you look like a peasant while travelling, you’ll be treated like one, simple as that. I do a ton of traveling for work and I’ve discovered there are a lot of perks for taking a few minutes to pull yourself together for a flight that I think a lot of people miss out on because they just are too lazy to spruce themselves up. As many gear up for holiday travel here are some tips!

peasant while travelling

Bag – Don’t have it bustling over with items where you bump every person down the aisle. People will grunt at you and you’ll lots of “ugh” “watch out” and a collection of other words that are not appropriate for As Gold as it Gets!

Clothes – Here’s a great tip, if you take a few minutes to look put together you sometimes get to be chosen for the TSA-pre line because it looks like you know what you’re doing. Sometimes you’ll even be selected for first-class, woop woop.

Neck pillow – This was probably the best $15 I’ve spent to date. It lives in the trunk of my car so I can pull it out when I arrive at the airport and never have to say “dang it” and purchase another one. It’s a great item, I know, but that doesn’t mean you can WEAR it in the airport. Ya look like a fool.

Make-up – You don’t need a full face to not look like a peasant, simply throw on some foundation, a swipe of bronzer and curl those lashes. You’ll look fresh-faced even if its 5am.