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book review: finding audrey

I just finished reading Finding Audrey which was actually not what I expected from Sophie Kinsella, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it. It’s a light and quick read and I have to say its actually way more “young adult” that I thought it would be. It’s interesting to read because their are scripts from a documentary that Audrey films of her life so it breaks up text a bit. I mistakenly/embarrassingly thought since it was about Audrey and the cover has a girl had brown hair and large glasses that we were talking about Audrey of the Hepburn variety…but its not. Just a teenager struggling with anxiety and things that have happened to her and fighting her way back to normalcy. It’s moving and a feel good take on a complex issue.
finding audrey, sophie kinsella, young adult fictionI really enjoyed the book and whipped through it in about two days. If you are looking for something thats a little change of pace I would say give this a try. Not my favorite book of Kinsella’s (I mean, hello shopaholic series!), but it was an interesting quick read.