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brown butter bourbon apple pie

Our local farmer’s market hosts seasonal fruit pie contests, you can see the pies I entered here and here. Before I realized I’d be out of town for the apple pie contest I was thinking about how to capture the judges attention with something a little different. JPS had such a good idea of just swapping peaches for apples…I did a little research and found a similar pie here and I used their guidance on spices for the apples but kept my own method for using brown butter bourbon and brown butter streusel because it’s simply divine.

What makes this pie SO AMAZING is that it isn’t overly sweet. It has a lot of rich flavor but not too much cinnamon or sugar just a really satisfying piece of apple pie. JPS doesn’t claim to like sweets although he gobbles up any cookies I make…but he can’t stop raving about this pie! If a pie can win him over, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser at your house!

brown butter bourbon apple pie
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pumpkin chocolate chip bread

pumpkin chocolate chip breadThis pumpkin chocolate chip bread easy so easy to devour in one sitting…not like I’m speaking from experience or anything. It’s so moist and flavorful. I hate pumpkin spice (I know the only white girl in the US who hates pumpkin spice) I just like pumpkin, hold the spice. This recipe from Sallys Baking Addiction isn’t just delicious its so easy, think dump cake easy. It’s also such a great gift to share because you can make three small loaves. Perfect with a cup of coffee for breakfast.
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