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spinach tortellini tomato soup

spinach tortellini tomato soup

I’ve mentioned that I’m not really a pasta person…but this soup is DELISH! When I first moved to Philly my roommate and worked + lived together and pretty much hung out constantly in our spare time. She use to make fun of me because, I for some reason, bought tortellini and had it in the freezer… I don’t even think I ever planned to eat it and really don’t know why I even bought it. Every time I would mutter the words “I wonder what I should make for dinner…” Andrea’s first words were always “YOU HAVE THAT TORTELLINI IN THE FREEZER!” Like that was suppose to make it appetizing…there’s a reason its been in the freezer so long!┬áBut thinking about that makes me smile to this day.

So get your frozen tortellini out of the fridge and make this soup. (If you don’t…I’m sure Andrea will find you and tell you too!).

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