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soft sugar cookies, just like the grocery store!

There is probably nothing better than the grocery store soft sugar cookies! You know the ones I’m talking about – with frosting and seasonal sprinkles! These skip the frosting and are really fun with the sprinkles baked into the dough.

I’ve looked at some recipes before but I had to try the soft sprinkle sugar cookies from Krissy’s Creations, head over to her blog to get the full recipe. Her photographs are amazing and will leave you literally drooling over her sweets (oh and I went to high school with her!)

soft sprinkle sugar cookies | as GOLD as it gets

The recipe is very easy to follow and would be easy to alternate for different themes or season with any sort of sprinkles. Beware that you will get a TON of cookies from the recipe. I made one baking sheet full and am freezing the rest of the dough.

IMG_4603I love that the sprinkles match three of my favorite essie polishes : mod squad, as gold as it gets and tart deco (left to right). Doesn’t it remind you of summer and pink lemonade?!

These are definitely a hit! I used a 2 Tbs scooper UNTIL IT BROKE AND SHANKED ME. Literally was shanked by a kitchen tool. See where the 1 Tbs broke off in my hand? Luckily, I was able to move my hand quickly from the dough but that jagged metal pierced me right in the thumb joint.

Be safe friends, the kitchen is a dangerous, dangerous place.

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the BEST cookies (again!)

I shared my favorite cookie recipe here before, but I took some new pictures of them and they are literally just as good as they were before. They are commonly known as Monster cookies with mini M&M’s and chocolate chips, but there is nothing scary about these cookies. They are simple and a huge crowd-pleaser (they’ve even been equated to crack).

the best m+m and chocolate chip cookies

cookies on baking sheet

This time I used 1 Tbs scooper but usually use a 2 Tbs scoop for even sizes.
cookies fresh out of the ovenDon’t these make you just salivate looking at them fresh out of the oven?

You’ll want to use both mini m&m’s and mini chocolate chips but the dough has so much flavor they don’t even need a ton of “stuff” in them.

The recipe is here and also here from Picky Palate .