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simple DIY Easter centerpiece

This year I get to host a mini-Easter…no baton has been passed, but I’m counting a vacation date blunder on my in-laws behalf a chance to have some fun! I’ll only be hosting 6 people (luckily!) but I wanted to bring a little pop to our table. This is literally such a fast and simple DIY for an Easter centerpiece.
diy easter centerpiece | as GOLD as it gets blog

I already owned the glassware, but you could use a bowl or vase if you had one. I also already had paint but you can buy acrylic craft pain for under a dollar at your local Hobby Lobby or Michaels. The grass was just about a dollar and the eggs were $2.99. These eggs aren’t real, but they aren’t plastic eggs either (although you could use them, I just didn’t want to see the seal of the traditional easter eggs).
what you'll need - easy DIY easter centerpiece

Literally paint your eggs, let them dry and throw them in – wahhhh lahhhh! Perfect (and easy and fast and cute!) Easter centerpiece. diy easter centerpiece | as GOLD as it gets blog

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DIY: Christmas Ornament Tags

I love picking out a theme for christmas wrapping paper but always get hung up on the tags – I can never find one that matches exactly how I want them too. They are either too matchy matchy and too commercial looking or the design is in conflict with the paper. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

I was inspired by the Fab Housewife’s post on chalkboard DIY where she had made chalkboard ornament tags. I decided to skip the work of spraying them and instead bought black ornaments from Hobby Lobby and a gold paint pen.

DIY: Christmas Ornament Tags

I am really pleased how they came out – and even more pleased that it took ZERO time to make and literally no mess. I wrapped as usual and used a clear fine cord to attach the ornament to the bow. I knotted it several times to make sure it was secure.

DIY: Christmas Ornament TagsHere is the final product! You could also make these as place cards or seating arrangements for your christmas party!

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Living Room Spruce: Faux-Mantel

The one thing our new house doesn’t have is a fireplace. I’ve been contemplating putting in a faux mantel. I mean, why not?

Yesterday with the help of my faux-carpenter husband, my faux-mantel dreams came true!

We’ve both been a little perturbed with the expansive wide-open spaces above the tv… insert mantel.


photo3and wah-lahhh, perfect mantel!


We were able to get a great deal on a Threshold shelf from Target, and a few odds and ends from Michaels. I’m looking forward to decorating for every season. I still think we need a pumpkin or two up there for fall.