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crockpot french dip sandwiches

I’ve always loved dipping my food. French fries and ketchup, cheesy fondue, pizza in ranch….omg the list goes on and on. I just really like combining things, unless its sweet + savory, then count me out. So maybe that’s why I like french dip sandwiches. I haven’t had them that many times so I can’t tell you if this is the holy grail way to make them. But this is an easy weeknight meal (notice a trend here?) that’s both satisfying and dippable.
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creamy tomato parmesan soup

I love tomato soup – especially with grilled cheese. I was really excited to try this recipe for Skinny Tomato Basil Soup from 365 Day of Slow Cooking. This is a really rich and creamy tomato soup, you will definitely not believe that it is a skinny version. It’s full of other veggies and was described by my husband as tasting like ravioli. It does sort of taste like pasta is lurking in it – its just that rich.

creamy tomato parmesan soup | as GOLD as it gets

It has zucchini, carrots and celery in it as well as the star of the show – tomatoes. I simply chopped the veggies and put them in the crock pot to cook because it was just too much work to finely dice. It took my crock pot about 4 hours on low to cook the veggies through and I just used a hand blender/emulsifier to blend it together and it worked just fine. I followed the recipe otherwise pretty exact. I didn’t have any basil on hand so I just used oregano, sprinkled with a small amount of garlic salt and garnished with more parmesan and cilantro.

We paired this with grilled cheese for an easy dinner!

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crock pot balsamic pork

Is anyone else scared of big slabs of uncooked meat? It’s incredibly daunting to ensure that you cook it where it doesn’t give someone e.coli (or worse) + is appetizing. I was really nervous about this because pork can be a little pricey to screw up…and I know this from experience.

balsamic pork crock potI added a few things to Skinnytaste’s recipe but I don’t think it would really challenge the “skinny” aspect of the recipe.

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