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emoji sugar cookies

emoji cookiesTo make these (or anything else that are a “common”/familiar thing) sketch them out first so your hand has the idea before you have icing in your hand. I used wilton gel colors in buttercup, red-red, teal, black and white. I prefer to use the disposable bags because icing is meeeeeessssaaaay.



How can you not smile when you see this?!

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valentine cookies and some icing color tips!

I’m on a serious sugar cookie kick right now. Thanks to my new double oven I was able to bake 30 cookies in just 8 minutes!

These valentines cookies are pretty simple. I knew I wanted to find a lip cookie cutter, XO and make little valentines. I found the cutest pack of valentines cookie cutters, they were made to be a garland but I just used them as regular cutters. I also bought a pack of square cutters that I used for the valentines (I also have them in circles), I love that you can use them scalloped or with sharp edges.


I thought I would share the icing colors that I use because sometimes its really hard to tell looking at the little tubes or looking at someone else’s pictures. I love using the Wilton gel colors, they are so pretty and come in a lot of colors rather than just your traditional primary colors, don’t bother mixing those to try to get what you want.

Red, pink, purple (this does not look like the color on the top of the bottle, its actually burgundy!). But my best kept secret white it make the icing brighter and if you add vanilla or almond and it tints your icing throw a little white in and then add your color and it will come out brighter and truer.

But gel color is so strong and vibrant try to not get it on your hands because its beastly to get off. See my little smear on my lips down to the right? Booo. Some hot water and scrubbing it will come off.

stacks of valentine cookies

valentine cookies.jpg

I hope this helps you pick out the perfect shades for your next batch of cookies!


valentines day cookies – two ways!

I love Valentines day! Even if I didn’t have a boyfriend on Valentines, I just love the idea of Valentines day and all the cute valentines and sweets. Today I’m bringing you two recipes that I’ve tested (and I’ll be honest, I like one WAY more than the other!). But both are perfect and cute and sure to please your valentine.
valentines day cookies - two ways! |as GOLD as it gets blog

First up, these dreamy heart sprinkles are from Target and really add the perfect finishing touch to Domestic Dreamboats recipe for Sprinkle Crusted Soft and Chewy Sugar Cookies. These are divine! She recommends using 1/2-1/2 tsp almond extract (I used 1/2 tsp) and they make them out of this world. I love sprinkles baked into cookies like this. It makes them so fun for kids + kids at heart. I also love that these can get slightly brown on the bottom – it really does add a little extra flavor.

valentines day sprinkle sugar cookies | as GOLD as it gets blog

My second recipe… is good. But I think I’ve just discovered that chocolate shortbread is too much for me. I love that buttery rich shortbread taste but I always feel like chocolate shortbread is so chock full of cocoa that it has none of that buttery flavor. The flavor is definitely a deep rich chocolate, you’ll definitely need a glass of milk to wash this down. This recipe can be found at Crunch Creamy Sweetchocolate shortbread cookies | as GOLD as it gets blog

chocolate shortbread cookies | as GOLD as it gets blogI did try another cookie after they had set for about 12 hours and the deep flavor that was initially knocking me over had subsided a little with cooling and setting. Some people will absolutely love these, and they are good — but have a drink ready to go!

Do you have any favorite valentines day treats? I’d love to hear (and try them out!)


soft sugar cookies, just like the grocery store!

There is probably nothing better than the grocery store soft sugar cookies! You know the ones I’m talking about – with frosting and seasonal sprinkles! These skip the frosting and are really fun with the sprinkles baked into the dough.

I’ve looked at some recipes before but I had to try the soft sprinkle sugar cookies from Krissy’s Creations, head over to her blog to get the full recipe. Her photographs are amazing and will leave you literally drooling over her sweets (oh and I went to high school with her!)

soft sprinkle sugar cookies | as GOLD as it gets

The recipe is very easy to follow and would be easy to alternate for different themes or season with any sort of sprinkles. Beware that you will get a TON of cookies from the recipe. I made one baking sheet full and am freezing the rest of the dough.

IMG_4603I love that the sprinkles match three of my favorite essie polishes : mod squad, as gold as it gets and tart deco (left to right). Doesn’t it remind you of summer and pink lemonade?!

These are definitely a hit! I used a 2 Tbs scooper UNTIL IT BROKE AND SHANKED ME. Literally was shanked by a kitchen tool. See where the 1 Tbs broke off in my hand? Luckily, I was able to move my hand quickly from the dough but that jagged metal pierced me right in the thumb joint.

Be safe friends, the kitchen is a dangerous, dangerous place.

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the BEST cookies (again!)

I shared my favorite cookie recipe here before, but I took some new pictures of them and they are literally just as good as they were before. They are commonly known as Monster cookies with mini M&M’s and chocolate chips, but there is nothing scary about these cookies. They are simple and a huge crowd-pleaser (they’ve even been equated to crack).

the best m+m and chocolate chip cookies

cookies on baking sheet

This time I used 1 Tbs scooper but usually use a 2 Tbs scoop for even sizes.
cookies fresh out of the ovenDon’t these make you just salivate looking at them fresh out of the oven?

You’ll want to use both mini m&m’s and mini chocolate chips but the dough has so much flavor they don’t even need a ton of “stuff” in them.

The recipe is here and also here from Picky Palate .