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cinnamon sugar baked donuts

I’m tempted to call this SINamon sugar donuts, but alas I will call them cinnamon sugar baked donuts. The recipe is from A Happy Food Dance, check out her blog for the full recipe. I haven’t made any donuts in a while, these are still my favorite, but these give some fierce competition. They have great flavor, are super soft and taste indulgent. They taste similar to cake donut – really crumbly, but not at all dry. JPS says they are the best donuts I’ve made…

cinnamon sugar baked donuts | as GOLD as it gets

The batter for these donuts is┬ámuch thicker than I am use to working with. She actually suggests piping it through a bag into the donut pan. I didn’t do that because I thought “thats insane, I never do that“.

For the record, its pretty annoying if you don’t. My technique was much less glam – I would equate it to rolling a play-doh worm and connect the worms head and tail in the pan. Yes, told you, not glam. The problem with scooping it straight into the pan is the dough tends to get lumpy looking and then will bake like that, rather than being smooth like a traditional donut.
cinnamon sugar baked donuts | as GOLD as it gets

These were actually pretty fragile as I dunked them in the butter + cinnamon sugar. I had two fully fall apart on me and another threaten too. Be careful as you handle them….or you’ll have to eat all the ugly ones #kitchenrules.