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easy + healthy egg bake

No one needs to feel the pressure of waking up with the bakers to get a scrumptious breakfast. This is easy to prep the day (or two) before and easy enough to throw together before you’ve had your morning coffee.
sausage cheese and veggie bake

I started with Skinnytaste’s recipe and spiced it up a bit with the help of Trader Joes – sundried tomato chicken sausage, sweet orange and red peppers, broccoli, cauliflour, leeks, and half an onion.

I chopped the veggies + cooked the sausage two days before cooking the bake because I knew I wouldn’t have time to do any closer to time. I stored it in a large tupperware container and simply sautéed it the morning, mixed the egg mixture and threw it in the oven. Easy peasy!

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PJ Pancake House


Yesterday counted as a staycation day. Although, it would really be a staycation day if I could really unplug from work, but that never happens. Because people call my personal cell and send me messages on facebook and my work phone is just staring at me with what I can only assume are lots of unread emails…. and then I feel guilty. Can no one ever take a day to rejuvenate? And can we not allow someone to take a day (or should I say give ourselves the ability too) unplug and recharge so they can feel their best? We all (read: the whole human race) need to be better about that.

JPS and I have been wanting to try PJ’s Pancake House (they own the domain, this is serious business). They are located in the heart of Princeton, literally across the street from Princeton University. The line is always outrageous so we’ve never been able to go… or feel like we wanted to brave the line. Knowing that I took the day off we dropped his car off at the dealership and took advantage of the Princeton kids being in class and the post-grad fare of Princeton at work! It was small, quiet and delicious!

JPS ordered corn pancakes..that had real kernels of corn in them while I opted for the strawberries pancakes. They were really delicious (but how do you screw up a pancake?). They have a spicy apple and another that is potato pancakes… I think those might be what I try next!

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