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blueberry picking at terhune orchards

I’ve done a few posts on how much I love Terhune Orchards before (here and here). If you are in the Princeton, New Jersey area you should definitely check it out. We headed out to the farm to pick some blueberries for the West Windsor Farmers Market Blueberry Pie contest that I’m participating in.

blueberry pick you own - terhune orchards

The farm has so many different areas that you can “pick your own” but we hit up the blueberry patch. It’s a little bit intimidating deciphering which ones are the best to pick but it was fun going up and down the aisles and finding little patches are darker ripe blueberries. blueberry pick you own - terhune orchardsIt was fun until we were sweating and beetles and other swarming creatures kept coming at us. Luckily we ended up having plenty of blueberries for my pie and headed over to the farm store for apple cider donuts.
blueberry picking terhune orchardterhune orchardsI’ll post pictures and the recipe of my blueberry pie later this week!

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lemon blueberry cupcakes with buttercream frosting

lemon blueberry cupcakes | as GOLD as it gets blog

I’ve already posted these on instagram


I can’t think of a better way to greet spring than start baking with some fresh fruit. This recipe is pretty dang simple for a “from scratch” recipe. I’ll be making another batch to top off our Easter dinner but I wanted to do a test run. You can find the full recipe at Sally’s Baking Addiction. The only change I made was I used smaller but very juicy lemons and only used 1.5 lemons. You can taste test the batter to see if its lemon-y enough for you. I also added blueberries into the batter right before I put them in the cupcake liners. I sprinkled flour on them to help them keep their shape and not instantly explode as they baked. I threw a couple of handfuls in but you can certainly use more or less depending on personal preference.

lemon blueberry cupcakes | as GOLD as it gets blog

lemon blueberry cupcakes | as GOLD as it gets blog

lemon blueberry cupcakes | as GOLD as it gets blog

I’ve gotten rave reviews on these so far, they stay so moist and have such a nice flavor that is neither tangy or overwhelming!