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I’ve gotten so many new readers recently (thank you!) so I thought I would just include some of my favorite ways to keep up with all of my favorite blogs and offer these options here.

Bloglovin: I love that everything can be compiled in one place without annoying emails telling me theres a new post. It’s super user friendly and if you want to see a certain blog or jump to a post you can find the blog you are looking for in a sidebar even if you follow an unruly amount of blogs (like I do!)

as GOLD as it gets is on bloglovin – click the glitter gold heart on the side bar or simply click here and then select follow!

Facebook Fan page: I also just started a Facebook fan page which I have to be honest required a little vulnerability! I obviously don’t want to have a fan page of 10 people – although I’m sure they would be the most brilliant and beautiful 10 people – but you know what I mean! It’s up and running and posts will also be shared there so please like it so you can stay up to date.

Of course there is other ways like following on wordpress if you are also a wordpress blogger! But I love following blogs on Bloglovin and Facebook and I hope you’ll follow along with as GOLD as it gets there too!

What’s your favorite way to keep up with your favorite bloggers?