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stamped fondant cookies

I am so happy with how these turned cookies turned out! I had seen similar cookies online but there wasn’t a¬†tutorial just a single picture. I went on the hunt and sourced my own ideas for my in-laws fortieth anniversary party favors for this weekend. These sugar cookies are covered in a marshmallow fondant and stamped with this cute set of letters._MG_9097

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Today marks our three wedding anniversary. I cannot believe it!
This year has been a big lesson in patience and perseverance for us both. With the busyness our jobs, house hunting, each other…lots of patience. But I wouldn’t change a thing.
People are always quick to tell you that marriage is hard. (OMG IT IS.) But its also amazing to do life with your best friend and build your own family.


Happy that this one is my plus one for life.LindJordWeb-571

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our love story

In honor of our three year (dating) anniversary, I wanted to share something my maid of honor and I made the night before the wedding. We wanted something to put on the tables to share a little bit more of our story, we got married really fast (300 days from our first date!) so a lot of our friends and family who lived away didn’t really know the whole sequence of events! We literally found out at about 1am that it was exactly 300 days from our first date to wedding and we were dying laughing – what are the odds?!

our love story

 Happy Anniversary JPS Рeven though you say we have too many to keep track of!