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Wedding Wednesday: Planning the Morning!

It’s cornering in on three years but I never posted about our wedding which is very strange and unlike me but as wedding season approaches full swing I thought I’d share some advice (and pictures).

I don’t know how people have morning weddings but even if you have  a 4pm wedding and think you will a long time to get ready, you won’t. This day will magically go at warp speed! Plan everything with lots of buffer time and as close to you as possible. I originally wanted to go to Philly so my own hairstylist could do my hair but I couldn’t be happier that I didn’t do that for my suburb wedding, it would have just been too much and leaving too much up to chance.
I went to the salon around 9am but forgot my veil! Luckily, a bridesmaid was able to run back to the house but you can’t anticipate a smooth day. I also forgot the presents for the bridal party on the way to the rehearsal. Cue my father-in-law running back for them. So this is also a lesson in having a check-list so you don’t forget important things like veils and presents.

blue wedding shoes + here comes your girl sign sign purchased here
card from jordan bridal bouquet LindJordWeb-33And most of all it’s nice to take a second and talk to your friends, to relax, to just enjoy the day!

monogrammed bridal roberobe purchased here

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Feel first class, while flying in cargo

Here I am getting back into the blogging game. I wanted to start a new series on traveling because while some of us have the opportunity to do it frequently, its very evident that some that do not and traveling, especially air travel, is very overwhelming.

In an effort to reduce amateur-hour at the airport here is the first of many tips I have!


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Whats in my Bag?

I’ve been spending years perfecting my make-up bag. One of my favorite features of any magazine is the “whats in her bag” where celebrities share what is in their bag or make-up bag. Isn’t it fun to see what they find to be the best products?
In my hunt to find my perfect make-up bag, I valued that the products would work well with my skintone (obviously) but that I would also be able to afford them! Here are a few of my favorite and affordable finds!
1) I researched BB creams for about a month, reading several articles and other blogs to see what was best. I settled for one more in my price range than the other ones I had read about being “better” options. I’m really happy with it- with roscea I think it does a good job of hiding my natural redness.
2) Hands down my favorite foundation. Lightweight with good coverage and a perfect match to my fair skin.
3) Another recent find- the colors work well with my hazel eyes, with little wear throughout the day.
4) I actually use the black bottle of this with latex- who knew they could put latex in mascara….its awesome and makes you look like you have beautiful falsies on!
5) Burts- for the days I don’t whip out the red lipstick. Enough said.
6) This eyeliner is amazing. It goes on so smooth and evenly!
7) Perfect for a date night- it makes your cheek bones look like they’ve been kissed by summer.
8) This is the most affordable thing I have found for everyday. This bronzer is great- and at $3, it CANNOT be beat.
9) And of course to finish it all off- a dusting of this will make you look photo ready all day!
My Makeup Bag

Benefit face powder
$37 –

Rimmel waterproof mascara
$8.47 –

Rimmel eyeshadow
$11 –


Burt s Bees burt s bee
$9.16 –

Beauty product