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princeton : the farmhouse store

We found the cutest store in Princeton! The Farmhouse Store is located in Palmer Square right next to the parking garage and Mediterra restaurant. We never park on that side of the garage so I haven’t never seen it before. I am literally kicking myself for not knowing about it. Browsing around I found so many wonderful pieces and Paula who was working was so kind and helpful.

First a look around…

the farmhouse store princeton, nj | as GOLD as it gets blog

They have tons of amazing items, candles, pillows, scarves, knick knacks that are adorable and rustic without looking at all cheesy. But what is most impressive is their furniture. You can see a table a little bit here and the large hutch in the background. To quote their brochure, “At The Farmhouse Store, we honor the great heritage of the American settlers who first timbered this land by reclaiming antique barnwood to create beautiful furniture built to enjoy forever.”

the farmhouse store princeton, nj | as GOLD as it gets blog

I found this perfect haven while waiting for JPS to get off of work, I couldn’t believe we had ever seen it before. I loved this New Jersey pillow – it even has a heart over where we live! After we met up he wanted to see the shop and he thought we needed to buy it!

the farmhouse store princeton, nj | as GOLD as it gets blog

We can’t wait to come back after we buy our first house (!!!!) to buy some one of a kind timeless furniture. I also can’t wait to purchase some candles – fresh thyme, heirloom tomato… that is central New Jersey!

the farmhouse store princeton, nj | as GOLD as it gets blog
the farmhouse store princeton, nj | as GOLD as it gets blogIf you are in Princeton you absolutely need to stop by!
new jersey pillow | as GOLD as it gets blog

p.s. doesn’t our new pillow look darling?

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unionville vineyards – central new jersey wine

I wanted to share this great vineyard – if you find yourself near central New Jersey you should definitely check it out or you can also order it online at their website. I had gotten a Living Social deal for a wine tasting and tour and it was so much fun. The grounds are beautiful and the tasting room is super cool and rustic.

unionville winery | as GOLD as it gets

Their wine tastes really good. And not just, “I’m at a vineyard and this is cool” tastes good, but a “I’d embarrass myself trolling stores looking for this again“. That good.

unionville winery | as GOLD as it gets

There is a ton of info in their tasting room about the vineyard owner and his inspiration and goals. It’s cool to see the man behind the whole adventure.

unionville winery | as GOLD as it gets

We actually first heard about the vineyard when we ate here. They pull from local farms and vineyards and we of course HAD to order Revolutionary Red, they also have George Washington wine.(have I ever mentioned on here our cats names are Martha Washington and Betsy Ross? #america). Anyway, we saw it was local and our waitress told us all about how they had a great relationship and really the wine spoke for itself.
unionville winery | as GOLD as it getsWe had a private tour of the facilities and it was so cool to see how they do things there. Most vineyard tours are the same but they really go into detail to share about what makes them different. I highly recommend a visit (or an online order!).

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guide to dining alone

When you travel (and especially travelling alone) it’s really easy to fall into the trap of eating in familiar places and not venturing out to find some local cuisine!

guide to dining alone

Eating alone in a restaurant is definitely a weird experience at first. It can be uncomfortable to see people with their friends + family and you are…alone. Don’t let that tempt you to get fast food and eat in your hotel room. You must explore + experience the local food!

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New Orleans

I am lucky enough to been able travel frequently for work but its usually to the same general places. I recently attended a conference in New Orleans, my first time there, and my first time to really explore a city alone. I know understand why people travel alone…because its awesome.

Jackson Square, New Orleans

Here are some of my recommendations from my brief stay.

Hotel: I stayed at the Courtyard Marriott and it was so convenient. I definitely recommend staying there, its just a few blocks away from the French Quarter, quiet and clean! The only weird thing is that my room had no windows to the outdoors, only out into the interior of the hotel.

Food: I found Chartres House on Yelp a couple of weeks before I arrived. It’s located right off Jackson Square on Chartres. You can see more about Chartres House here. My table looked right out onto the street, hence the scary van in the picture. The food was amazing and I only wish I had more people with me to split and try more things. I think that’s the worst thing about traveling alone!

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flight hacks

We all have our own way of doing things but these are some of my favorite tips to feel first class in cargo and be prepared to tackle casual travel issues.

flight hacks

If you aren’t wearing socks, bring them for the flight. Flights are chilly and there is air conditioner vents at your feet and, unlike the vents overhead, you can’t control those boogers. I like the soft ones from Lands End.

Pashmina scarves double as a great blanket. They’re big, soft and can protect you from actually touching your neighbor. Literally every airport in the US sells about 15 colors for $10!

Stay hydrated. Ask for water to stay hydrated, you dont want to look dry or dehydrated when you land. Also I recommend using Mario Badescu Rose water, take a little spritz in the restroom after your flight and get on with your day. It spruces your make-up and makes you feel and look refreshed.

Print your travel documents. Its inevitable that if you only rely on your phone or email for your travel documentation one or both with crash and die. I carry mine in a plastic page protector (yes, those from middle school) because unlike a folder they can slink and form into any part of my bag that I squish it in.

Bring headphones. Its likely that your flight will have streaming radio or tv (all JetBlue flights do) and other carriers are following suit on shorter domestic flights. If you don’t want to talk to your neighbor pop them in and act like you are in college ignoring someone in the dining hall. No eye-contact or they’ll start talking to you.

What are your favorite flight hacks?

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If you look like a peasant while travelling, you’ll be treated like one.

If you look like a peasant while travelling, you’ll be treated like one, simple as that. I do a ton of traveling for work and I’ve discovered there are a lot of perks for taking a few minutes to pull yourself together for a flight that I think a lot of people miss out on because they just are too lazy to spruce themselves up. As many gear up for holiday travel here are some tips!

peasant while travelling

Bag – Don’t have it bustling over with items where you bump every person down the aisle. People will grunt at you and you’ll lots of “ugh” “watch out” and a collection of other words that are not appropriate for As Gold as it Gets!

Clothes – Here’s a great tip, if you take a few minutes to look put together you sometimes get to be chosen for the TSA-pre line because it looks like you know what you’re doing. Sometimes you’ll even be selected for first-class, woop woop.

Neck pillow – This was probably the best $15 I’ve spent to date. It lives in the trunk of my car so I can pull it out when I arrive at the airport and never have to say “dang it” and purchase another one. It’s a great item, I know, but that doesn’t mean you can WEAR it in the airport. Ya look like a fool.

Make-up – You don’t need a full face to not look like a peasant, simply throw on some foundation, a swipe of bronzer and curl those lashes. You’ll look fresh-faced even if its 5am.