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Is there anything better than picking up right where you left off with a friend? This summer I visited Chelsea in Baltimore and though we haven’t lived in the same city for countless years, we talk (read: gchat) daily and never skip a beat when we are together. We had the most perfect weekend filled with lots of brunch, new lipstick finds (will blog about later) and laughs.





An ode to our Kennedy-based friendship





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Philadelphia Car Show

This past weekend, JPS and I went to the Philadelphia Car Show– it was pretty cool! You can walk around and sit in the cars…it would only be more fun if you got to take one home! But we went through the Convention center picking out which car we would be interested in for our next car.


Obviously my vote is for a Jeep and I think we left with that as our top choice!


Fortunately, both of our cars are pretty darn new…so it doesn’t look like a Jeep will be coming home with us anytime soon…but we will be back for ya Mr. Jeep!

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We’ve Moved!


On perhaps the hottest day of the year, we moved…. I don’t think we could have tried to pick a hotter day if we tried!

I’ll save you all the sweaty details, but we are so excited to move from our small 2 bedroom/1 bath into a 3 bedroom/2.5 bath townhouse! I’ve been feverishly unpacking and trying to get things organized before JPS comes home on Friday.

In all of my pre-prep work I came up with a few good moving strategies:

1. Plan early  and decide on what you aren’t using and pack those things first. You won’t even miss them being packed. I started with linen closets and ended with the kitchen.

2. Visualize your new house and where you want things to be. If you have a vase in your kitchen and want to put it in your bedroom- pack it in the bedroom box to make it easier for yourself. Save the extra thought later on. You’ll be tired.

3. Don’t pack hanging clothes. Simply just the time it would take you to unhang/fold/rehang isn’t worth it. I used (several) large garbage bags puncturing a hole in the bottom of them and slid the hanger hooks through it. Hang in your new closet and then tear the bag off- its like a fairy organized your closet.

4. If you are moving into a multi-level house, plan your boxes accordingly. I put a piece of purple duck tape around the corner of any box that needed to go upstairs. This saved me a ton of work later on having boxes where they already needed to be.

5. Purge as much as you can before you move. Don’t move junk- ’nuff said.

I take myself as an expert in moving…making this my ELEVENTH move since I graduated high school.

image: Rifle Paper Company 


I Survived: Lilly Warehouse Sale

As you may or may not know, Lilly Pulitzer hosts a Warehouse sale at the Philadelphia Expo Center each year with tons of discounted merchandise. People come from ALL over to get in on it. Luckily, it was just a quick drive for us!

Andrea and I started out plotting for months before the sale, taking off work and talking about what we wanted most.

The night before we were feeling a little bold, and decided what the heck, people have been lining up since Sunday (the sale starts Thursday at 5am) we should just go out and spend the night in the car. It was a great idea until we arrived at 11pm with countless people with tents, inflatable mattresses and three walls of the Convention Center had women wrapped around waiting to get in. To call it camping, or even glamping would be a gross overstatement. I will spare you from the pathetic items we impromptu camped with from my car…

And then it was 4am. Everyone started running towards the doors that were opening. Women were cutting each other if they weren’t moving fast enough, and consequently there was boo-ing for about 15 minutes after.


Once you get inside the doors, theres even more lines. But luckily they had a DJ starting at 430a to get the crowd going. People were dressed all in Lilly, others in PJs, workout clothes, and other unfortunate souls decided to wear sweatpants under their Lilly dresses- Lilly must have been rolling over in her grave.


Once you make it past all of the lines, they give you a HUGE pink bag- much like a mesh laundry bag to put all of your finds in. And from there its chaos! Clothes are organized by size and people just pick huge mounds of clothes and try them all on. Its a little overwhelming to witness people drag bags that are equivalent to the weight of a twelve year old. If they can’t wait in the line to try on clothes in the communal dressing room, they just start on the main floor- even thats one of the few rules- no undressing on the floor.


There is no shortage of items, so you don’t have to be too worried about finding something.


Heres what I found:

true blue jammin shoreline tote

True Blue Jammin’ Shoreline Totebag: $78, Warehouse Sale: $29

meg dress- coral cocktail

The Meg Dress: $118, Warehouse Sale: $39

washed up necklace

Washed Up Coral Necklace: $58, Warehouse Sale: $19

seahorseSeahorse Flip-Flops: $38, Warehouse Sale: $10

photo-3We were in by 5:30a and out at 730a!

But not before we got to meet Lilly Pulitzer’s CEO, Scott Beaumont


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Coming back from my hiatus!

Coming back from my hiatus! Its been a crazy few months…but then again its been a pretty crazy year.

I got a promotion at work and had a monumental birthday


JPS is now a doctor


and most exciting…. we are moving into a (much bigger) townhouse!

In honor of the big move, I’ve been plotting all of my decorating ideas for the new house. Moving from a two bedroom/1 bathroom to three bedroom/three baths gives me a lot more space to make my own. I’m excited to post before and after pictures soon!

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Drybar: the must-have experience!

I’ve mentioned on this post, that I have wild curly hair that I have been trying to tame my whole life, thank you mother. I think Drybar was made specifically for women like me. If you aren’t aware of the new phenomena poppin’ up around major cities, blow dry bars, salons that only wash and blow dry your hair, are taking over!

I had the amazing opportunity to visit Drybar when I was in Atlanta last week and let me tell you- it did not disappoint. Every amenity and luxury was taken into account to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

For $35, you can have any style that they offer. No extra for curly girls like me, which is usually tacked on. I cannot help the thick hair I was given, but making me pay more, rude.



Did I mention they greet you with complimentary champagne. Not shabby Drybar! I was stationed right in front of a TV that they keep romantic movies on to keep an air of romance in the salon. How cute is that?




Excuse my lack of polished face, I had woken up at 330a that morning to catch my flight.

The style even held for days and the salon experience was truly exceptional. If you want to learn more about them or set up an appointment, you can see their website here.

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Newlywed Adventures: Grilling


This past weekend we had a full weekend that included breaking out the grill. Now in our house that’s a scary thought…because no one is good at it. Last summer we got a grill as a wedding present and were really excited about it because it sounded fun.

It was not fun, it was hard. JPS has zero experience grilling, so three hours in our food tasted like lighter fluid, which was not exactly the condiment I preferred on my hot dog. And then I had a grumpy husband.

I’m happy to report that this year, JPS is the grillmaster and our food was awesome! I think grilling requires a certain patience that he didn’t expect. But he’s figured it out and it was delicious! I’ve been pinning some delicious things to make on the grill and am excited to be able to actually use it this summer!

Do you have any great grilling secrets?