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2015 Lilly Pulitzer warehouse sale

2015 Lilly Warehouse Sale

Friends, I have survived. After a quick nap (if you can even call it that), Andrea and I got up at 230am, were on the road by 3am and in line by 415am. The line nearly wrapped around the entire Philly Expo Center + thats even with some amusement park line weaving inside the building and under a tent outside. It took us until 8:55 to actually get to shop. Here’s the thing….

2015 Lilly Warehouse Sale

There is a waiver now! Hallelujah for those animals that call themselves humans and apparently had no sensible mother to teach them how to act. The line was pretty insane but as always, Lilly Pulitzer CEO, Scott Beaumont was walking through the crowds. He is so nice and Andrea and I got a picture with him last time but we were looking rough so we didn’t take another one this year! He stopped and chatted with us, girls around us took pictures and then he asked when we got there, we told him about how much fun we had at Lilly for Target (and about my birthday party!) he was smiling the whole time and even moved up with us in line as the line started to move to keep chatting!

2015 Lilly Warehouse Sale

So I won’t go into the gory details. I had a great haul, only spending $92! Some of the prices were more expensive: totes at $69 v. $29-39 before. Elsa tops were around $69 I believe, shoes $89…so I chose to focus on more inexpensive items that I wouldn’t find for such a good deal elsewhere.

2015 Lilly Warehouse Sale

Zebra print dress is 3/4 sleeve and only $29 [can you believe that? similar are usually $98] but it doesn’t have a tag so I don’t know much more about it than that, murfee scarf (cashmere scarf) in she got sole, [originally $118, $34], on the rocks necklace [regularly $88, $19], pick me up pouch [originally $32, $9] that I’m going to use as a case for my iPad mini. I can’t believe I made it out in under $100, I was really trying to limit myself! I spent $92.68 on $336 retail!

They were constantly pushing out new inventory so if you haven’t headed to the sale yet don’t worry about things being there! They definitely are planning on it lasting the three days – this isn’t Lilly for Target! The line was longer than ever before, CEO Scott Beaumont also confirmed that he had never seen anything like it but he agreed the buzz around Lilly for Target made people come out early and in large quantities. I think that the line progressed more slowly and I can’t even be upset becauuuuuuse, the shopping experience was so much better than I remembered! They let fewer people in at a time so you could actually walk around and see what was there rather than have to just grab blind and head to a corner to sort through your stuff. I was actually super impressed with the sale and staff this year, they were really awesome! I was disappointed that the prices seemed higher…but what can you do?!


2015 Lilly Warehouse SaleA look back to 2013 Lilly Warehouse sale!


planning the perfect lilly pulitzer party!

I recently held a Lilly Pulitzer-inspired party. Here are some tips for you to have the perfect Lilly Pulitzer party! (or how to plan the best flamingo party!)

lilly pulitzer partyBe sure to theme your party to a print! I chose a flamingo print and based all the decisions on the print…but I had to add some gold! The gold balloons above can be found here, for just $1.50/balloon. They are a little hard to blow up so you’ll need a little bit of patience (and a flat iron to seal the balloon!).

flamingo cookies

Homemade sugar cookies / cookie cutter (similiar here) I made the tent signs on photoshop.

crepe paper photo booth wall | as GOLD as it gets blogI bought crepe paper streamers (yes the .88 ones at Party City!) I also made the banner and will do a DIY soon!

photo booth ideasLife’s a party. Dress like it!

shop sweet lulu balloons

These balloons were so fun to play with! I love getting party supplies at Shop Sweet Lulu! They don’t have these balloons anymore but I’m really like these and theselilly pulitzer party

I set up a little bubbly bar on a small table we have with flamingo straws, napkins, cups and three hot pink bottles from home goods ($2.99 each). You can’t see the cups well in this picture but they say clink and drink.

lilly pulitzer party

 She lived like every hour was happy hour.

lilly pulitzer party lilly pulitzer partyI loved sneaking these flamingo picks into the strawberry cupcakes. Isn’t that the cutest flamingo? He was a gift from my mother-in-law, and hes actually a watering can so he can be on our patio all summer long!


I also had chocolate frosted donuts (recipe here) and cake pops (recipe here). And in case you find yourself also needing a gold sequined table runner, you can find it for a steal here.

We had such a fun time and Lilly Pulitzer makes for a perfect party. To see more of this party check out #27lillydresses on instagram!

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how to have the best summer picnic

Memorial Day weekend is the best start to picnic season! Get out your picnic baskets and get ready to hit the park.

summer picnic | as GOLD as it gets blog

rittenhouse picnic | as GOLD as it gets

Have a quick stop to a market, or our fave philly pick, Dibruno Brothers. We picked up olives, prosciutto, rosemary gouda, mozzarella prosciutto, baguette, olive bread and a spicy pasta salad…and my favorite summer time drink San Pellegrino (in blood orange and clementine).

picnic essentials | as GOLD as it gets blog

Don’t have a large picnic blanket? Use a fabric tablecloth! We also used lilly for target napkins.

philadelphia picnic | as GOLD as it gets blog

snacks for picnic


Wish list for Lilly for Target

The countdown is on for Lilly for Target! I mentioned here that my birthday is going to be Lilly-themed and we are waking up (or maybe we will still be AWAKE…) to be there when the doors open! It’s time to start seriously thinking what we want to keep our eyes open for that all too eventful morning. I’ve started my list…but who knows what will happen on April 19th!

Lilly Pulitzer wish list

My list starting top right and going clockwise:

Bandeau Swimsuit $40
Eyelet Tunic Coverup $32
Challis Romper $34
Gold Pineapple Sandals $30
Double-zip Train Case $19.99
Turban Headwrap $8
Embroidered Clutch $24
Shift Dress $38

I love that you can see the whole line before its out and the prices! You can even scroll through a party of the clothes (below) – notice Chris Noth? Will he be there on Sunday morning?!

Lilly for Target partyI’d love to hear what’s on your list!


making easter dinner

I did it! Not withstanding a little doubt in myself – i made Easter dinner. Here are a few of the things that I made and they are really simple and could be for any type of meal.

Cucumber, strawberry, feta salad with poppyseed dressing: First of all, so simple. You could slice the cucumber thinly or I used the veggetini to make them into noodles (i also cut them once in the bowl to make them a little easier to eat). Slice some strawberries and sprinkle feta throughout. You can increase, or decrease, any of the ingredients based on your personal preference. I didn’t realize this was going to be such a hit but it was. My father in law even said, “if no one else is going to eat this..I’ll finish it off!”. Pictured here is about 4 small persian cucumbers and around 6-8 strawberries. I can’t wait to pack this for lunch in the summer.

cucumber, strawberry, feta + poppyseed salad

Slow Cooked Ham with an orange, apple and rosemary glaze: This was the very first ham I had ever made, and the source of all of my Easter anxiety. Luckily with a little peptalk from my grandmother I plunged ahead and it came out perfect. I had a 6.5 lb ham and had it on low for three hours and it was over the necessary temperature.
fresh ham

The glaze that I used was super simple and really liquidy – it might be more difficult to use in the oven but it worked perfect to have the ham immersed in while in the slow cooker. Zest of one orange, 1 cup apple cider, 1 cup apple juice, 2 cups of orange juice, cup of orange marmalade, 1/4 cup brown sugar and 3 sprigs of fresh rosemary. I heated it on the stove for about 5-8 minutes over medium heat until felt like everything had really melded together

orange, apple and rosemary ham glaze Roasted green beans: I make these all the time pour olive oil over the green beans and follow with minced garlic, pepper and a little garlic salt. I use tongs to make sure everything gets some seasoning and roast at 450 for about 15-20 minutes. I give quick stir at about 10 minutes. I love when they get shrively and brown.

roasted green beans

We also had garlic mashed potatoes, gravy that I had previously made and frozen, these ham sammys , and lemon cupcakes. I used my blue willow china and my kate spade wedding china

blue willow china

You might remember the centerpiece from here.


…and these cute napkins came from home goods!

kate spade chapel hill chinaGlad to have my first real holiday hosting experience in the books!


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our love story

In honor of our three year (dating) anniversary, I wanted to share something my maid of honor and I made the night before the wedding. We wanted something to put on the tables to share a little bit more of our story, we got married really fast (300 days from our first date!) so a lot of our friends and family who lived away didn’t really know the whole sequence of events! We literally found out at about 1am that it was exactly 300 days from our first date to wedding and we were dying laughing – what are the odds?!

our love story

 Happy Anniversary JPS – even though you say we have too many to keep track of!