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battling dry winter skin

I have to admit I’ve already ventured out bare-legged once this year, it was so warm in Princeton last week but now back to the chill. This year I’ve had the worst flaky dry skin. I never have to use lotion on my face but this year has been different, tons of flaky dry skin and chapped lips.

I’ve been pretty diligent in trying to get my skin back to its regular luminosity and I think I cracked the code…or my code at least. For reference my skin is pretty even. I have roscea and seborrhea, an oily nose but otherwise pretty normal skin.

battling winter skin

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waiting for spring with my bucket bag

It’s a little puzzling that spring is here when it’s still so chilly, I guess it just hasn’t sprung yet. I turned my closet from winter to spring this past week and I can’t wait to start wearing t-shirt dresses and shorts soon. I’ve pulled out my favorite casual sneaker and ready for some sunshine.
But I really can’t wait to start carrying my summer bags–tote bags, white bags, and colorful bags! I love my new bag from Urban Expressions and can’t wait to circulate it all spring and summer. I’ve never carried a bucket bag before but I’m loving it so far.

urban expressions bucket bagsThe bag has a detachable long strap which I love. It’s so easy as you bop around town, carrying groceries in the house or other bags, it just feels out of the way.urban expressions bucket bag coral and whiteThe bag comes in several colors but I love how the corally red portion, which is really a burlap sort of texture, contrasts with the white (faux) leather. All of Urban Expressions bags are vegan so the material is animal free. But I have to say this bag is very soft–I was really surprised how soft and durable this bag felt even without being leather. I tend to carry around a lot of stuff so its helpful to be able to dump it all in. Points for the bucket bag.bucket bagurban essentials bucket bag
I’ve always felt that the leather bucket bag looks a little 90’s mom…but the 90’s are back and I have a vegan leather bucket bag. No shame here!urban expressions bucket bag coralsummer 2015 Jcrew striped pocket dress, urban expressions bag c/o, slip-on converse

What spring bags are you looking at bringing out in the next few weeks?

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tips on packing up your seasonsal wardrobe

I had the chance to do a big purge before we moved. You know, tossing the things that I didn’t wear, or needed to stop wearing in the trash, donations bins and taking only what I wanted…but that was still a lot. Without a basement my closets were always packed to the brim with things I didn’t need right then and crowded my current season clothes. Living in Boston and Philadelphia I’ve done the small city apartments where you rent a storage unit, recruit friends to help carry things, rent a zipcar, try to find parking near your apartment and avoid meter maids…its the PITS.

If this is you check out, MakeSpace a great service to help you store your out of season stuff! There comes a point where you just can’t store out of season clothes at your parents house. MakeSpace actually comes to get your stuff and HAUL it away, HELLO closet space!
MakeSpace, your closet in the cloud

Tips on packing up your seasonal clothes (with or without MakeSpace):
1) Pack neatly because you’ll want to avoid the box in the future if you don’t!
2) Jot down on a piece of paper and tape on the outside or on the inside flap what’s in the box. Nothing worse than looking for those yellow shorts in a sea of bright summer clothes.
3) Think about what looks worn. Go ahead and toss it and look for sales at the end of season. It might be counter intuitive when you are packing but if your down jacket looks like its seen to many snow storms its a great chance to upgrade as stores try to move the seasonal clothes out.

MakeSpace, your closet in the cloud

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designing a capsule wardrobe

Is part of adulting realizing that you can’t live in just fast fashion? I’ve been drifting from H&M, Forever 21 and the like for awhile (but I won’t stop shopping at Target!) because it’s just not worth it. The clothes don’t last, the trends don’t last and it’s never an investment.

capsule wardrobeFriends of mine have been talking about creating a capsule wardrobe because it’s ironically trendy right now. If you are new to the term its basically everything is interchangeable, versatile and long-lasting. These (few) pieces are timeless and you find yourself reaching for them time and time again. Not only is it supposed to make mornings and packing for trips easier it saves  in the long run because you have all that you need. Continue reading


bite lipsticks

This is my first exposure to BITE beauty and I have to say these Amuse Bouche lipsticks are great. They are the creamiest buttery formula and high impact color. They only make lipsticks and make them with food grade products and in small low heat batches to preserve those nutrients! bite lippies

First of all the packaging means a lot to me (hello, my day job is Director of Marketing). The tubes are a charcoal color that feels like suede. The cap even mimics the shape of the lipstick.bite lipstick packaging

These colors are bold but there are plenty of other choices that are a bit less intense if that’s more your style. I want to try a few of the lighter shades for every day.
If you have been following Kylie Jenner you know that browns are coming back like we are back in the 90’s but I have to say Pepper is a super wearable brown that mimics some of the Kylie brown shades and probably the easiest of the three to wear.bite lipstickLook at that color!bite swatches

Each lipstick is $26 and can be bought at retailers like Sephora. I’m thinking I might have to purchase Sugarcane next.

I received these products as a complimentary gift from BITE

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true north collection – my secret to fewer hair washes!

It’s sincerely difficult for me to want to wash my hair. It’s just so much work to have it dry (if I sleep with it wet or damp in a ponytail it won’t dry all night!) and then to get it straight. But I sweat so much in spin I simply cannot make my hair last more than one day..and when you go 3-4x week thats a lot of washing and drying that I literally do not have time for.

True North has literally been a life saver for me. They all are crafted so well and they are so durable. I wash them in the washing machine and let them lay flat to dry and they are just as springy as they were the day I got them. The width of the headband is larger than I would choose just for looks but let me tell you, it spans so much of your hair that it literally soaks your sweat up and best of all they are super affordable at $7.
north daisy

To make my hair last I wear it up in a high bun and a True North headband. They are designed to go down to your forehead past your hairline, mine sits back a little bit only because thats where it more comfortably fits with my widow’s peak.

After class I leave it on until I get home about 15-20 minutes and let it continue to soak everything up and then let my hair down and run large sprays of dry shampoo through it all to get anything that hasn’t dried. I’ve noticed if I take it off too early my hair doesn’t do as well. Honestly I can go for 3 days and 2 classes on a single wash.

north 2

During my spin classes it 100% stays in place–I’ve been testing these for a few months because I really wanted to be sure. Once I put them on I pull it slightly down over my ears and it really doesn’t budge!north

I love all the vibrant prints and colors that they come in. Definitely check out the shop on  Etsy!

Thanks to True North Collection for sending me some headbands to try!