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bedside table styling (avoiding the clutter)

Let’s just say my bedside table hardly/rarely/never is free of clutter it just somehow always accumulates things! In an effort to keep my two cats (Martha Washington + Betsy Ross) from knocking things off to get to the coveted window I’m trying to stay a bit more organized.

bedside table styling | as GOLD as it gets blog

In my dream world I’d always have this Lemon Mint Leaf candle from Bath & Body Works burning (or their eucalyptus mint), my jewelry would stay organized and my nail polish would stay contained…none of which usually happens.

I am utterly obsessed with my new pineapple ring holder from Charming Charlie! It helps keep clutter at least moderately organized where I can easy grab something or fling it right off as I’m settling down for the night.

Anyone else have a horrible time keeping their bedside table organized or am I alone?


monogram 101

It surprises me how many people don’t understand monograms. There is a tradition in their styling  and you can’t just swap around the letters to make it look like you want. Of course you can if you really want too but that is not your monogram. I repeat, that is not your monogram. To cut down on some confusion I’ve used our monogram below.

monograms 101

Hopefully this helps erase some confusion so you can have yourself a proper monogram!

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Where I found it – living room style

I always get asked where I find things in our house so I thought I would give a little peek. You definitely don’t have to spend a lot…though you will.

living room

Starting out we both had futons for couches, so we’ve come along way! Don’t be afraid to take your time and peruse. Use online sites like to find what you are looking for and take your time. It’s okay to slowly build your pieces, you don’t want to deplete your savings trying to decorate in one big swoop. Rome wasn’t built in a day people!

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We spent this Thanksgiving with Jordan’s family in Pennsylvania. It was so nice to have 5 days off (AH- CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?). Its been a huge year for us, and we have so so much to be thankful for– a new townhouse (double the size of our first apartment), a promotion, ability to work from home part-time and a fully decked out home office, JPS an adjunct professor position and tons of students… the list goes on and on.


IMG_0455Of course, he spent some time reading to Ellie…#normal.

IMG_0444THAT face.

IMG_0468While some of the family went to see the Hunger Games on Friday morning, Barb and I made a Christmas wreath. I couldn’t be happier with it!