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simple DIY Easter centerpiece

This year I get to host a mini-Easter…no baton has been passed, but I’m counting a vacation date blunder on my in-laws behalf a chance to have some fun! I’ll only be hosting 6 people (luckily!) but I wanted to bring a little pop to our table. This is literally such a fast and simple DIY for an Easter centerpiece.
diy easter centerpiece | as GOLD as it gets blog

I already owned the glassware, but you could use a bowl or vase if you had one. I also already had paint but you can buy acrylic craft pain for under a dollar at your local Hobby Lobby or Michaels. The grass was just about a dollar and the eggs were $2.99. These eggs aren’t real, but they aren’t plastic eggs either (although you could use them, I just didn’t want to see the seal of the traditional easter eggs).
what you'll need - easy DIY easter centerpiece

Literally paint your eggs, let them dry and throw them in – wahhhh lahhhh! Perfect (and easy and fast and cute!) Easter centerpiece. diy easter centerpiece | as GOLD as it gets blog


princeton : the farmhouse store

We found the cutest store in Princeton! The Farmhouse Store is located in Palmer Square right next to the parking garage and Mediterra restaurant. We never park on that side of the garage so I haven’t never seen it before. I am literally kicking myself for not knowing about it. Browsing around I found so many wonderful pieces and Paula who was working was so kind and helpful.

First a look around…

the farmhouse store princeton, nj | as GOLD as it gets blog

They have tons of amazing items, candles, pillows, scarves, knick knacks that are adorable and rustic without looking at all cheesy. But what is most impressive is their furniture. You can see a table a little bit here and the large hutch in the background. To quote their brochure, “At The Farmhouse Store, we honor the great heritage of the American settlers who first timbered this land by reclaiming antique barnwood to create beautiful furniture built to enjoy forever.”

the farmhouse store princeton, nj | as GOLD as it gets blog

I found this perfect haven while waiting for JPS to get off of work, I couldn’t believe we had ever seen it before. I loved this New Jersey pillow – it even has a heart over where we live! After we met up he wanted to see the shop and he thought we needed to buy it!

the farmhouse store princeton, nj | as GOLD as it gets blog

We can’t wait to come back after we buy our first house (!!!!) to buy some one of a kind timeless furniture. I also can’t wait to purchase some candles – fresh thyme, heirloom tomato… that is central New Jersey!

the farmhouse store princeton, nj | as GOLD as it gets blog
the farmhouse store princeton, nj | as GOLD as it gets blogIf you are in Princeton you absolutely need to stop by!
new jersey pillow | as GOLD as it gets blog

p.s. doesn’t our new pillow look darling?


monogram 101

It surprises me how many people don’t understand monograms. There is a tradition in their styling  and you can’t just swap around the letters to make it look like you want. Of course you can if you really want too but that is not your monogram. I repeat, that is not your monogram. To cut down on some confusion I’ve used our monogram below.

monograms 101

Hopefully this helps erase some confusion so you can have yourself a proper monogram!

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desk necessities

desk necessities

I spend a lot of time outside my cubicle, but there is a lot of time stuck under within these grey walls so I’m always looking for ways to spruce it up – but with 2 full size computers AND a laptop – it gets a little crowded in here! I’m currently debating some prints for my cube walls, but its hard to pick one that is inspiring and still appropriate. Something that says “more issues than vogue” or “you have just as many hours in a day as Beyonce” might not scream professional.

In the meantime, I’m loving a few desk regulars : stress relief lotion (my co-workers often tell me, its time for some eucalyptus!), pictures, a trusty Kate Spade notebook and my FAVE monogrammed business card holder (from Surcee Monogram Shop, her prices are super affordable!)

Do you have any desk necessities or must-have’s that help you through the day? I’d love to hear!

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DIY: Christmas Ornament Tags

I love picking out a theme for christmas wrapping paper but always get hung up on the tags – I can never find one that matches exactly how I want them too. They are either too matchy matchy and too commercial looking or the design is in conflict with the paper. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

I was inspired by the Fab Housewife’s post on chalkboard DIY where she had made chalkboard ornament tags. I decided to skip the work of spraying them and instead bought black ornaments from Hobby Lobby and a gold paint pen.

DIY: Christmas Ornament Tags

I am really pleased how they came out – and even more pleased that it took ZERO time to make and literally no mess. I wrapped as usual and used a clear fine cord to attach the ornament to the bow. I knotted it several times to make sure it was secure.

DIY: Christmas Ornament TagsHere is the final product! You could also make these as place cards or seating arrangements for your christmas party!

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dress up your christmas cards

I love designing photo christmas cards – and by designing, I mean a quick drop & drag of our pictures into the templates. This year I thought our envelopes looked a little plain and used some striped washi tape over the sealed envelope.

I love using washi tape but never trust it to actually seal anything. I also use it in my planner to section off projects or vacations, on presents to add a little pop or on the fridge to easily peel off. With so many colors and patterns, your options are limitless!