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cubicle decor inspiration

It’s partly because I’m a creative but who doesn’t like a little fancy in their cubicle? Although I’m the Director of Marketing I’m out in a cubicle and until the day I have my own office I’m decorating these grey half walls to keep me inspired.

These two shops (here and here) are so cute and affordable for pieces to spruce up your cube!

For when its not season for fresh peoniesil_570xN.905514618_1n2d.jpg

But you love them
A little fashion motivation

I’m a huge list builder so this would keep me right on track


Isn’t this mermaid so charming?

il_570xN.1006984525_jfrx (1).jpg

These are sure to keep you motivated throughout the day!


house project: guest room

One of our first major projects was tackling our fourth bedroom…the guest room. It was a horrid color of yellow and needed some serious TLC and I needed to make our smallest bedroom look bright to appear as large as possible. See before and after below!guest room before and afterIMG_8179paint: pale oak by benjamin moore, bedding: hey y’all pillow, custom pillows, bedspread, art: home good clearance findIMG_8182a few TJ Maxx findsIMG_8190I love how much Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak brightened the room!IMG_8186

I think its a huge improvement from the yellow and we are so excited to have our first guest come this week!

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the lost art of printed photographs

Remember when we used film instead of memory cards?! I have to admit I take a ton of photos but they all tend to live on my computer and I never get around to printing them. I mean, for one thing, where am I going to put all of these pictures?

I have some pictures from our last trip to OBX that I need to get printed and I’m so glad I got an email reminder about how affordable it is to do on Shutterfly.


They are currently offering 101 FREE 4×6 prints. HELLO vacation album! Click here and use promocode: 101TREATS
The website says 50 free prints…but use the code and you’ll get 101 prints for free!

Thank you for sponsoring this post Shutterfly! 


stayin’ organized – my choice for a planner

I really love being organized. I am not one for surprises and I don’t like leaving things up to chance. I’ve realized over the years that I really prefer a handwritten planner. I like phycailly crossing things off and I like not having to rely on a battery or wi-fi to access an online or electronic calendar…and don’t even get me started on the paranoia I have about LOSING it there is a computer or human error. I use an outlook calendar for work but I’m continuously copying things over just in case I were to loose something. 
may designs planner This May Designs planner is the best. First of all her products are all great, durable and totally customizable. She’s a mom-CEO and puts so much of herself into her business its amazing to watch (see her on instagram in action @micamay) and I just really want to support her business. I’ve carried about every planner from Target, Lilly Pulitzer and electronic calendars and I have to say hers are the best. There is ample room to write (unless you need things hour by hour), they are lightweight and the covers are so sturdy and don’t fray or bend. My 2014-2015 one is well worn but not sloppy-looking. This is my 2015-2016 version and I honestly couldn’t be more excited to start using it. If you are searching for a way to spruce your organization, I’d recommend ordering one this summer!

May Designs also just released coloring books for adults, photo books and have other stationary and notebooks if you aren’t looking for a day planner.


simple DIY Easter centerpiece

This year I get to host a mini-Easter…no baton has been passed, but I’m counting a vacation date blunder on my in-laws behalf a chance to have some fun! I’ll only be hosting 6 people (luckily!) but I wanted to bring a little pop to our table. This is literally such a fast and simple DIY for an Easter centerpiece.
diy easter centerpiece | as GOLD as it gets blog

I already owned the glassware, but you could use a bowl or vase if you had one. I also already had paint but you can buy acrylic craft pain for under a dollar at your local Hobby Lobby or Michaels. The grass was just about a dollar and the eggs were $2.99. These eggs aren’t real, but they aren’t plastic eggs either (although you could use them, I just didn’t want to see the seal of the traditional easter eggs).
what you'll need - easy DIY easter centerpiece

Literally paint your eggs, let them dry and throw them in – wahhhh lahhhh! Perfect (and easy and fast and cute!) Easter centerpiece. diy easter centerpiece | as GOLD as it gets blog


princeton : the farmhouse store

We found the cutest store in Princeton! The Farmhouse Store is located in Palmer Square right next to the parking garage and Mediterra restaurant. We never park on that side of the garage so I haven’t never seen it before. I am literally kicking myself for not knowing about it. Browsing around I found so many wonderful pieces and Paula who was working was so kind and helpful.

First a look around…

the farmhouse store princeton, nj | as GOLD as it gets blog

They have tons of amazing items, candles, pillows, scarves, knick knacks that are adorable and rustic without looking at all cheesy. But what is most impressive is their furniture. You can see a table a little bit here and the large hutch in the background. To quote their brochure, “At The Farmhouse Store, we honor the great heritage of the American settlers who first timbered this land by reclaiming antique barnwood to create beautiful furniture built to enjoy forever.”

the farmhouse store princeton, nj | as GOLD as it gets blog

I found this perfect haven while waiting for JPS to get off of work, I couldn’t believe we had ever seen it before. I loved this New Jersey pillow – it even has a heart over where we live! After we met up he wanted to see the shop and he thought we needed to buy it!

the farmhouse store princeton, nj | as GOLD as it gets blog

We can’t wait to come back after we buy our first house (!!!!) to buy some one of a kind timeless furniture. I also can’t wait to purchase some candles – fresh thyme, heirloom tomato… that is central New Jersey!

the farmhouse store princeton, nj | as GOLD as it gets blog
the farmhouse store princeton, nj | as GOLD as it gets blogIf you are in Princeton you absolutely need to stop by!
new jersey pillow | as GOLD as it gets blog

p.s. doesn’t our new pillow look darling?


monogram 101

It surprises me how many people don’t understand monograms. There is a tradition in their styling  and you can’t just swap around the letters to make it look like you want. Of course you can if you really want too but that is not your monogram. I repeat, that is not your monogram. To cut down on some confusion I’ve used our monogram below.

monograms 101

Hopefully this helps erase some confusion so you can have yourself a proper monogram!