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how to make grill cupcakes!


I wanted to share these super cute and (actually) quite simple grill cupcakes. They are perfect for a summer BBQ and will have all your guests in awe!



Step 1: Bake cupcakes. I made funfetti (yes, from a box) because when its your birthday you get to choose and thats my husband’s favorite.

Step 2: Pipe icing using a frosting tip and bag. It looks way more complex that it actually use. Pick up bags like these and this frosting tip. Start at the center and work your way making circular motion outward until you’ve reach the edge of your cupcake.
To get the colors I mixed a white vanilla icing into two small bowls and used orange and pink coloring in one bowl and yellow in another (these are the ones I like best). When you add them to the piping bag you scoop one big scoop from the orange/pink and then a scoop of yellow. You want them to mix to get the flame look. They blend perfectly together so there is no way to mess this part up!


Step 3: Melt chocolate bark according to directions. Cut the tip off of piping bag and pipe a grate (circle with lines across, so simple!) onto parchment paper. I popped mine into the fridge to set faster. None of my broke but you will want to make sure they have plenty of time to set up.

Step 4: Before setting my grates on the frosting I added a little shake of red sprinkles. Then gently push the grates onto the frosting.


Step 5: Cut gummy bears into 3 pieces each. Gently push them onto toothpicks to be your skewers. They come out cuter if you mix the colors up to look like real ka-bobs!


That’s it! Like I said, your guests will be in awe of how cute these are. We can keep it our secret just how easy these are!

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2 thoughts on “how to make grill cupcakes!

  1. love this! They look wonderful (:

  2. i LOVE this. need to try making them when i’m in NC next week.

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