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how to make your own bathroom valances

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diy valances.jpg

I’m excited to share a DIY project I worked on over Christmas and New Years…it did take that long. Not because it was complicated but it was involved. I had been looking for new valances since we moved in last December (before pics below) and never found any that I liked. So I decided to take a sewing class (if you are in New Jersey I highly recommend taking them here), find fabric that I loved and make my own.
bathroom-valanceThis is the best video that I could find with simple instructions. I even sent it to my grandmother, a long time skilled sewer, and she approved saying she thought that was the best way to do them.window-valance-stout-fabric
My boss actually told me about stitch witchery and dang, that was the BIGGEST help in piecing the fabric together. I like how they show you how to use it in this video. I also sewed a seam behind the stitch to make it more secure although some things I read online appeared that you don’t have to do that. I thought the fabric was heavy enough I should make it extra secure.¬†stout-dumont-marine-fabric-valance
The real reason they took so long is that one of the windows is so large I needed 155 inches of fabric!making-bathroom-valance

The fabric I used is from Stout in Dumont Marine.

These are the before pictures from the previous owners:

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