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stamped fondant cookies

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I am so happy with how these turned cookies turned out! I had seen similar cookies online but there wasn’t a tutorial just a single picture. I went on the hunt and sourced my own ideas for my in-laws fortieth anniversary party favors for this weekend. These sugar cookies are covered in a marshmallow fondant and stamped with this cute set of letters._MG_9097

I used this recipe for fondant and this video for guidance. I find videos the most helpful with tackling a new adventure, whether its in the kitchen or not. I’d never worked with fondant and the closest I’ve been to it was watching episodes of cake boss._MG_9065

It took me awhile to decide about the stamps. There are lots of shops on etsy that create an actual stamp but I thought I would want to stamp things in the future so I wanted something that I could use again. Then it was about finding a font that I liked…and let me tell you options are limited, but I love how these look. They were so easy to use and they just snap together so you can form different words._MG_9066

It was 90 degrees the day I made these and my cookies spread. I was feeling a little frustrated but I let the cookies set a couple of minutes and then I cut the cookie down to the size of the fondant. This wouldn’t usually look good but if you let them set up a little and then cut around the fondant (basically like a stencil) and let them finish setting you can just brush the crumbs off an hour or two later and with the opaque fondant its pretty hard to tell what you did. Of course when I did a few the next day they came out perfect…just a little too late._MG_9069

There are a ton of different recommendations about how to affix your fondant to your cookie (white chocolate, painting corn syrup, water, tyrose powder…). I actually just set the fondant on the warm cookie and it adhered. Let the cookie sit a couple of minutes where its warm to act like a glue BUT that it doesn’t melt the fondant. Obviously a thicker piece of fondant and thinner will act differently.

I used crinkle paper and placed each cookie in a box. I designed these stickers as an added touch but to also seal the box to keep them fresh until the party._MG_9088

I love the way these came out. I put my in-laws names, we still do!, and forty years on the cookies. I think they’ll be a hit this weekend!_MG_9091

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One thought on “stamped fondant cookies

  1. These are freakin adorable perfection! I don’t know how you do it, little Martha Stewart! Pleaseee do macarons next lol!

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