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DIY large paper tissue flowers


This weekend I’m hosting brunch for Mother’s day for my mother in law (hopefully she’s not seeing this yet…). I’ll show more photos later but I wanted to share these beforehand. This is such an easy and inexpensive craft to do for a party. I got all of my materials from the dollar store! I found this great tutorial from A Blissful Nest and only slightly changed it.
large paper flower

Wouldn’t these be pretty for a baby shower or even left in a bathroom like this at a party. It reminded me of a water lilly and I just put it here so I could see what it looked like (#craftinginbedproblems)

DIY large paper tissue flower

Her directions are great but there were a few things I couldn’t “see” so I improvised on my own. I didn’t use a guide or template I simple cut the petals in a stack in the three sizes. I also didn’t measure but based on a generally approximation they are close to her size. I cut the petals like a heart  with a slight dip at the top and made the larger flowers have a more square bottom and a bit more tapered on the smaller ones (you can see her templates at her blog). But it’s tissue paper and so forgiving anyways so I felt a guide was unnecessary. Even the jagged cut marks, you know the ones like when you cut wrapping too fast, seem to disappear once assembled.

I cupped my hand (like you would be holding baton (ha!) completely vertical) and then worked with each size of petals laying them around in the circle between my index and thumb. I then twisted the bottom and added a little tape and went to the next size of petals. After I had all three sets, I glued them together starting with the medium to large, and then small to medium. I added the tinsel in a ball and glued it several times (it can melt, be careful!) to the orange paper and then glued that in one piece to the small petals. I thought this would work best to not be “pushing” into the other petals because the tissue paper can tear or crumple when you don’t mean for it too.

large pink paper tissue flower

One thing she didn’t show the the part that would attach to a stem. I found gold pipe cleaner and tied it around the base of the large flowers to really make it tight and build some sturdiness to it. I plan on hanging these from the lattice on our deck (pending the weather!) so I wanted them to be sturdy.

All of my supplies were from the dollar store: tissue paper, gold tinsel and pipe cleaner!


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