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high-end jewelry dupes…from walmart


I have an obsession with costume jewelry (and the chunkier the better). I’m always asked by friends (and random people) where I get things so I thought I’d share a little of my recent great finds…from Wal-Mart.
Yeeees, who would imagine but they have some REALLY great stuff at incredible prices right now. Scroll down to see some and find out the prices AND high-end pieces that look very close.
walmart jewelry highend dupes.jpg

First off, the necklaces are all $5 and the earrings are $2.88!discount jewelry highend look
Once you come out for your intial shock here is the thing. You will have to go into a Wal-Mart store to get these (except for one that I’ve linked below). Different stores have different inventory so you might have to try a jewerly budget jewelry

These are some of the pieces that I’m currently loving that I’ve found Wal-Mart dupes of. But if you like these better there are links below!

highend inspiration

  1. Not pictured in my haul but there are several tassel necklaces identical to this
  2. Art deco necklaces in dark metal
  3. These are the perfect glam crystal earring
  4. I love these earrings for work or happy hour.
  5. This gold tassel looks like a jellyfish

You can purchase the gold tassel necklace  online but you’ll have to comb your local wal-mart for the rest of the items.

I love following Whoa, wait Walmart? on instagram and now I feel like I can join them in showing you shocking deals!

Where do you find your best deals?

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2 thoughts on “high-end jewelry dupes…from walmart

  1. Yes! I have a lot of jewelry I love from Wal-Mart. Why pay more?!

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