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easter bunny cookies


easter cookies

I absolutely love Easter! I have so many good memories from Easter as a kid that I try to make an effort to make it special as an adult…but its not as fun when you have to buy your own Easter dress and don’t wake up to a pre-made basket of goodies! 🙂

I decided to make some easter bunny cookies and when I realized I didn’t have brown food coloring the wheels started turning. I wasn’t even sure if chocolate royal icing was a thing and I’m here to tell you that it is and its awesome. I haven’t experimented with coloring it but its the perfect shade for chocolate bunnies! I’ll include the recipe from Sweet Sugar Belle below.

Decorating with royal icing is all about working in layers. I started with a layer of chocolate royal icing and then put the blue bow tie. I let these dry for about an hour before I went back to include the ears. If you need longer, wait longer. It’s not worth rushing the layering!
IMG_8506then I made his face…IMG_8511

I love how these came out and they are so darn cute! easter bunny cookies

Chocolate royal icing from Sweet Sugar Belle:


  •  8 cups {one bag} confectioner’s sugar
  •  1/2 cup cocoa powder {I like Hershey’s Special Dark}
  •  1/2 cup meringue powder
  •  1 Tbsp vanilla
  •  3/4 cup+2 Tbsp warm water


  1. Add dry ingredients to the bowl and mix lightly before adding the liquid. Mix half the water with the flavoring and add to the dry ingredients and mix on low adding the remaining liquid little by little until the mixture reaches the consistency of molasses. At this point, turn the mixer to high and whip for approximately two minutes until the icing is light and fluffy like meringue.

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2 thoughts on “easter bunny cookies

  1. They are adorable! I am getting excited for Easter too! 🙂

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