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we’re buying a house!


We are most of the way through buying our first house…we were in the process to buy another house earlier in the year and it fell through so fingers crossed things go much smoother this time. I’ve been pinning a ton (follow me here). I’m really looking forward to decorating my new house!

I’ve been pinning a ton of navy, grey and bright whites.

new house inspiration

Can’t wait to take this from pinterest to house projects!

Author: as GOLD as it gets

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9 thoughts on “we’re buying a house!

  1. I love this moodboard. I especially love the bee hold backs. My name (Melissa) is apparently the Greek word for ‘Honey Bee’, so I like to collect Bee elements for the house!

    All the best with your purchase. Hope it goes well this time for you xxx

  2. Congrats Lindsay & good luck!

  3. Love your style! Good luck with the house!

  4. omg congrats woman! we have much to catch upppp onnnn!!

  5. Congrats, Lindsay! Just found your blog through the Northeast Blog Society member page. I’m an interior designer from PA and we bought our first home this year as well! Good luck with all the decorating– I can’t wait to follow along. ❤

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