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simple DIY: sunflower eucalyptus centerpiece

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sunflower eucalyptus centerpiece

I may have a mild obsession with eucalyptus and sunflowers are about the most fall flower out there so together they make the perfect fall centerpiece. sunflower eucalyptus centerpiece I bought one bunch of artificial sunflowers and one bunch of dried eucalyptus, floral block (all from Hobby Lobby) and had a mercury glass vase already (wedding centerpiece).sunflower eucalyptus centerpiece Start by pushing your vase into the wet foam block. Because these are artificial and dried you don’t need to soak it to retain water you’ll just use it to stick the flowers in. By pressing down you’ll get a line and can start trimming it to fit. It won’t fit exactly unless you are using a rectangle holder so just do the best you can. You just want it to fit and not be moving around. I also used some of the portion I cut to wedge back down in to secure it.sunflower eucalyptus centerpiece

Start by using a wire cutter to cut your stems and poke them down in go all different directions. If you’re having it with one side to a wall (like I did) you can position towards the front and sides. Next cut your eucalyptus and start poking it in all around the sunflowers. Be sure to have them different lengths so you have some variety and that you have plenty going out horizontally from the bottom so you can’t see the foam block.

sunflower eucalyptus centerpiece And you’re done just that fast! This would be a perfect centerpiece for Thanksgiving and to have in your house throughout fall. sunflower eucalyptus centerpiece

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