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diner en blanc in the rain

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I was so excited to go to diner en blanc in philly this year with andrea (my soul sister and former philly roommate, bridesmaid, coworker…you know she’s basically everything to me). In case you don’t know, Diner en Blanc occurs across the world and is basically a chic white pop-up picnic thats an all night party! It’s invite only and tickets are coveted. You bring everything from your table & chairs to your picnic feast and are shown to an undisclosed super secret location where everyone lines up table after table for a massive picnic and party. Diner en Blanc occurs rain or shine and they mean it. We were absolutely soaked but had a great time. I’ll walk you through the night and what we packed.


We met up with our group at the sports complex having no idea where we were going. Meeting spots were all around the city. Notice how fresh-faced (and good my hair looks) before it started pouring. philadelphia DEBOnce we got the go ahead from our team leader we started walking south…and we knew exactly where we were going because its basically the only thing that direction…the navy yard. We were all basically hoping for the art that was a bummer but I think we had a ton more space being at the navy yard.
diner en blanc tablescape

Tablescaping: You’ll bring your own table (they provide the specs, square only!), two white folding chairs, white tablecloth and white china (nothing disposable) and silverware. We also added a small vase and faux flowers, battery-operated taper candles and candle holders (dollar store), and wine glasses. You’ll also need to bring a white trash bag for the end of the night.
We planned a simple meal – focaccia, assorted meats, brie, macarons and champagne. We also brought greens but forgot salad dressing. People were willing to share but honestly, we were full and didn’t need/want it.

deb tablesIt’s interesting to see what people bring. Our neighbors brought cheese plates and sandwiches to one side while our other neighbors had sushi, lobster rolls, pasta…(yeah, I don’t think those things go together either).

After dinner people start getting up, there is live music, a dj, everyone is dancing…it’s just a huge party where everyone is in the best mood after weeks of anticipation!diner en blancIt would have been a totally different experience had it not rained. And we were frustrated and a little cranky (read: I was a little cranky because I was not only wet but sweaty). But at one point we just said…”whatever. 4,100 other people are here, in white and soaking wet, lets just have fun”
rain at DEBAround 9pm they play Viva la Vida – yes Coldplay is still amazing – and light sparklers. Its so beautiful and luckily by the end of dinner the rain had stopped.
diner en blanc sparklers

If you have the chance to go to Diner en Blanc – go! It is so fun and such a gorgeous event. It’s so fun to see people come together for a night where everyone is excited about the same thing, everyone looks great and ready to have fun!

Have you been the Diner en Blanc? I’d love to hear about your experience! To find out when DEB will be in your city click here.

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