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turquoise slab necklace + a dirty little secret


I wanted a turquoise slab necklace for a really long time. I wanted it to have a little variation in length, large slabs with texture and needed it to look glam, not southwest. It took me SO long to find the perfect one…I’m talking about 2 years! Well once I got this gem (ha!) I was so excited to wear it and I just KNEW I would get so many compliments because it was exactly what I had been looking for… turquoise slab necklace But you know what. No one compliments it. NO ONE. I couldn’t figure out…like can they not see these gorgeous slabs that I searched for? Are they so dazzled by the words coming out of my mouth they can’t see my necklace? And I realized that I don’t really care. Which is hard because I want people to like me and think I have nice things and if I’m honest I want people to want what I have. Isn’t that so ugly? Yikes!  This necklace has taught me a lot. And not that I REALLY like it paired with hot pink (which I do). But having nice things is lovely but you need to spend money (and time) investing in things that you really like; don’t just do them for others. I wear this necklace all the time (it also looks great with navy) and this necklace actually brings me a lot of joy even if it doesn’t result in compliments because it took a lot of effort to find exactly what I wanted but it also reminds me to do things or buy things because I want too – not for the reactions of others.

In case you like the necklace and happen to be on the hunt for one I bought mine on Etsy here. If you need apothecary jars check out these and these.

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2 thoughts on “turquoise slab necklace + a dirty little secret

  1. I think its beautiful & like you I am not into Southwest Silver Jewelry but I love Turquoise & Lapiz also. Wear it for you!

  2. It’s a great statement piece that I can easily see will be an easy piece to accessorize with! Buy things that you love & everything will fall into place!

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