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bedside table styling (avoiding the clutter)


Let’s just say my bedside table hardly/rarely/never is free of clutter it just somehow always accumulates things! In an effort to keep my two cats (Martha Washington + Betsy Ross) from knocking things off to get to the coveted window I’m trying to stay a bit more organized.

bedside table styling | as GOLD as it gets blog

In my dream world I’d always have this Lemon Mint Leaf candle from Bath & Body Works burning (or their eucalyptus mint), my jewelry would stay organized and my nail polish would stay contained…none of which usually happens.

I am utterly obsessed with my new pineapple ring holder from Charming Charlie! It helps keep clutter at least moderately organized where I can easy grab something or fling it right off as I’m settling down for the night.

Anyone else have a horrible time keeping their bedside table organized or am I alone?

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8 thoughts on “bedside table styling (avoiding the clutter)

  1. I love that candle! It is super relaxing ❤

  2. As Everyone knows I am the Queen of clutter so my bedside table has nail repair, a glass of water or juice, books, magazines, lamp, flashlight, hard candy, mints, pad, pen, lotion, Kleenex & assorted misc. I just need a bigger table.

  3. Good morning love! I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger award.
    For the prompt, go here:

    I love reading your blog and I look forward to seeing your answers 🙂

  4. The Pineapple Ring Holder is SO cute! I have similar one its just w hite bunny with silver ears that you hang Rings on. Although its supposed to keep the clutter as far away as possible, the bunny is always full of rings anyways, but I feel that it looks a lot nicer ´messy´. Btw I love your blos name 😉

    • Your bunny ring holder sounds very cute! I love the animal versions. I’ve seen elephants and giraffes too! I love the character the ring holder gets with assortments of rings and it sort of helps with the clutter, right? ha!

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