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summer reading wish list (the second edition)


I’ve been reading more over the last month or so that I have since college…and these aren’t exactly the same as trying to drill in hundreds of pages of political theory in before your eyes glaze over. I’ve found new slots to read during my lunch hour or the few minutes between work and spin and I’ve been ripping through these books.

My library card has been getting a great work out, but its been challenging being at the mercy of the Mercer County library system to get the books I want. But the amount of money and townhouse space the library card is saving me is truly worth a little annoyance. I just picked these up from the library and I started the Luckiest Girl Alive (its also SO MUCH BETTER than this book).

summer reading wish list

Luckiest Girl Alive
Finding Audrey
The Pocket Wife
The Husband’s Secret

There will be more recipes up soon…but my cooking time has morphed into my reading time and I’ve been doing some repeats at our house including : this, and this.

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5 thoughts on “summer reading wish list (the second edition)

  1. Ahh, thanks for posting this! I have been wanting to get a new book and I think I may try one of these! ❤

  2. Excellent choices! I loved The Husband’s Secret 🙂

  3. Let me know when you finish LGA – we can have a book club with Reese!

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