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red seed bead necklace (and what is the opposite of buyers remorse?!)


I saw this necklace on the Loft’s website and it almost made me laugh in my silent office. Besides the fact that this necklace is so gorgeous and would be perfect with a crisp white dress it reminds me, once again of the time I didn’t buy something that I really wanted. Whatever the opposite of buyers remorse is…thats what I have over a red seed bead necklace that lived in Mexico in 2010 (yes, it was that meaningful). red seed bead necklaceI should have just bought it. It was just like this necklace, thousands of seed beads twisted (although this one was twisted all the way up the necklace). I stood there looking with my Mom and she kept saying – you should get it if you want it. We left the store and I even ran back…but decided against it. Perhaps it was around $40 which probably felt like a lot to spend when most of my jewelry was for far less from forever 21 and H&M. I went back to the store and decided against it for some unknown reason. Over the years I’ve never seen something that looked quite the same, but I’ve always told myself if I found one I would buy it no questions asked because the times that I’ve put on an outfit and thought – if only – are far to many to count. I don’t know why that necklace left such an impression on me, or even what I bought on that trip instead of that necklace. Just that I never got that necklace I’m contemplating purchasing this one (its also on sale) but part of me is still holding out to find if I can find the one I left in Mexico all those years ago. Have you ever had the opposite of buyers remorse? It’s a strange phenomenon isn’t it? Wishing for something you didn’t buy? Oh and did I mention…I don’t even like the color red (ha!)

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5 thoughts on “red seed bead necklace (and what is the opposite of buyers remorse?!)

  1. Yes! I’ve totally done that before! This one is pretty cute though.

  2. I love this necklace! Super cute. I’ve absolutely done that before and then wanted nothing more but to kick myself for not picking it up lol.

  3. Guess I’m too weak as I’ve suffered from Buyers Remorse much more than the reverse.

  4. One time I didn’t buy a purse in Italy from a Florence leather maker in 2009 and I haven’t stopped thinking about it to this day…I don’t even know why it wasn’t a useful or practical purse!

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