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Crazy Rich Asians – book recommendation


crazy rich asians review

I have to be honest, I remember seeing this book when it first came out and was only interested in it because of the cover….but for some reason the description I read didn’t grab me so I didn’t read it. WHY?! I recently came across and my, oh my. I love this book! Unfortunately the library didn’t have the book with a better cover, but I guess I’ll settle for GOLD glitter.
crazy rich asians book review

(pictured above: seahorse tunic, vineyard vines hat, book)

Here is a word of advice about this Crazy Rich Asians. You might be initially questioning whether you can read it because the story starts out with lots of Chinese slang (yes, slang) and there are asterisks and footnotes lining nearly every page. Worse than subtitles! But it suddenly dies down and gets on a more simplified pace. I do have to say, some of the footnotes are hilarious.

The story follows an American-born Chinese woman who falls in love with a handsome but sort of allusive guy. He invites her to a wedding in China and to meet this family. Of course she knows nothing about them and thats when it gets crazy! You are catapulted into extreme wealth of Asia and its so interesting to read what certain perceptions of areas are and just how competitive, and downright crazy (and crazy rich) these characters are. Everyone is super colorful and to be honest it was a nice escape from some of the other books that I typically read. You learn about the characters perceptions, standards, and expectations of another culture without really any preconceived ideas…because of course I don’t often have the opportunity to galavant with the uber-wealthy of Asia!

One more book checked off my summer reading list! What have you been reading this summer?

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7 thoughts on “Crazy Rich Asians – book recommendation

  1. I’m totally putting this on my reading list! I’m an avid reader and while I usually read non-fiction ( I know total nerd) this really caught my eye. I also love the hat in the picture! Looks so relaxing!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I have been unsure about this one simply based on the title, but it sounds like it actually provides some insight rather than what I feared might be a judgmental or limited view on a culture. I’m intrigued!

    • It definitely has colorful over the top characters and gives some insight into the culture of that tier of society in Asia. I didn’t find it offensive as some of the characters are super down to earth while others are extreme and over the top with that being their character flaw. I really enjoyed it because it transported you into this crazy world of extreme wealth and family dynamics. I really loved it.

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    Added to my reading wish list!

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