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Lambertville Food Fair


We had such a fun time at the Lambertville Food Fair yesterday. We were a little nervous as there was a complete downpour on on drive there but it never seemed to hit Lambertville!
lambertville food fairFood trucks are still something I struggle with (think: roach coach) but these trucks and a few others have really changed my way of thinking about food coming from a truck. 

lambertville food fair / oink & moo food truck

Chipotle Chicken Tacos from Oink & Moo food truck. OMG SO AMAZE

lambertville food fair / oink & moo food truckPatiently waiting with his root beer. Most of the lines weren’t too bad and service was quick but a few we literally walked away from because the line was not moving at all.

lambertville food fair / oink & moo food trucklambertville food fair / empanada guy food truckWe got a chicken and a beef empanada from the Empanada guy.

lambertville food fair / oWowCow Creamery

Best fresh strawberry ice cream I’ve literally ever had from oWowCow Creamery – not a food truck but a local creamery. Their Facebook page says they have blackberry ice cream with a balsamic basil swirl – all the heart eyed cat emojis.

lambertville food fair / oWowCow Creamery

lambertville food fair / mama's meatballs food truck

JPS says this and the popsicle were his favorite – Mama’s meatballs 

lambertville food fair / lil pop shop food truck

I was probably most excited to find the Lil Pop shop because they make small batches of really unique popsicles, and it was like 90 degrees. OMG SO GOOD. I had the strawberry rhubarb lemonade and JPS got the raspberry lime. We seriously considered going back for a second one. Somehow we resisted but I’m pretty sure it’s only because it was at the far end of the line up.

lambertville, new jersey

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4 thoughts on “Lambertville Food Fair

  1. I adore Lambertville! They seriously have some of the sweetest little shops and restaurants. And I love that you can just walk over the bridge to New Hope as well. My girlfriends and I love to have a girls day hanging out through the area. Super cute. This food festival looks like it was amazing. I’ll absolutely be keeping my eyes open for the next one headed that way!

  2. I love Lambertville. Wish I had known about this. Next time!

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